Friday, June 29, 2018

lil Lucy and Grantsville tidbits

I hardly take pictures of Lucy it seems... whenever I get out my phone to take a picture, she wants to grab it and run away with it and watch tv on it. then its a battle to take it away. I guess I have only myself to blame for it- letting her watch downloaded movies on my phone in the grocery cart while I shop- she is a right terror running away from me and around the store if she has a lick of freedom. I don't seem to remember Eleanor being this way.

Teaching one year olds to entertain themselves right when you want them to is a tricky business. Parenting is a tricky business.

Today was a real slow day.. stayed at home played outside and inside and then outside and then inside.. walked across the street to get snow cones (coconut and cream for me and red raspberry and cream and sprinkles for Ella) while Lucy took a rare and late nap. I both love and hate slow days. I love that I don't have anything to do and then I feel lazy and that feeling is annoying. I AM NOT LAZY i tell myself as I'm sitting outside doing nothing. our yard in Grantsville is simply amazing. The trampoline is fabulous, the big tree that provides lots of shade on the side of the house is fabulous, all the pots of dirt the girls play in, the bag of grass clippings Lucy plays in is fabulous, it is wonderful and easy to be outside.

Here in little Grantsville, I am more online shopping happy than ever. Since Wal-mart is 20 min away and there's no target to be found, Costco is 40 min away, online shopping is my go to. and it seems Brent is the same. In the last 10 days or so, lets see if I can remember everything I've ordered:

1. the game Cover Your Assets,

2. all red wool sneakers that I've loved for ages and finally bought,

3. jeans and pants for ELLA!! she requested jeans the other day (she has never in her non diapered life worn jeans! she of course has always been in dresses, and if not a dress, i have forced her into stretchy leggings, but all of a sudden, she found some 3T leggings i had tucked away in a drawer for Lucy to wear this fall and Ella has taken to them!) and a jumpsuit for me,

4. golf balls and tees and a fancy set of golf clubs for Brent- who all of sudden is wanting to do weekly golf outings with some of his brothers and now he is ALL IN TO EVERYTHING GOLF. I am in full support,

5. vanilla and chocolate protein powder from because one of these days I will lose weight, damn it

and there we have it.

Tonight, Ella and I went to Little Miss Grantsville, which is basically a beauty pageant for girls 9-12, and it was both darling and scary. There a lot of diva attitudes and hip bopping. They did a little interview with each girl. One was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she went silent for a solid minute. the interviewer looked around wondering what to say to prompt her. the girl looked frozen. then some dink in the audience laughed. Anyhow, she finally said, "singer." But then, she was asked, "whats your most embarrassing moment?" and i thought to myself- yikes, way to call her out.

The theme of the pageant was The Greatest Showman and as part of their introduction, each girl said what part they would play in the circus. One said she wanted to be a clown, because then she could be both funny and scary.

A good 4-5 girls in a row said the ringmaster followed by some version of "because I like to run the show and be in the spotlight"

It was an eye opening experience.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Moving and trampolines and preschool and new things

We have now moved to little old Grantsville, UT and it has been great and a bit different and an adjustment yet good. There is a snow cone hut across the street from our house- which us girls especially love. 

The girls have done so well with the move. Not as any meltdowns as there couldve been. Though today, Ella did start saying she doesn't like Grantsville anymore... so we'll see what happens there. Maybe its hard not to be so close to my parents? maybe thats what it is? Im not sure.
my parents put up this amazing swing in their house and of course she is all over it
ella working it in our new backyard. we also have a trampoline and it is endless entertainment. no injuries yet-though im sure we'll have some. i need to look into one of those net things.

I think this small town has been nice so far. Hopefully I'll keep feeling this way

Our first baby has completed her first year of preschool! Sometimes she talks about things at her "old school" and it makes me sad inside and nostalgic that we aren't there anymore. but there, we are moving on.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Haircut and Thoughts

My hair has been chopped and I feel like a new lady. its taken a while for me to get used to it, but now I like it quite a bit!

My thoughts lately:
- I'm annoyed that I feel like I'm tiptoeing around Ella's feelings. Everything I say it seems she cries and its so sad. I started feeling this way after a week or two ago when she had a nervous breakdown (or so it seemed? I'm not quite sure how to classify it and how far within or without the "normal toddler emotional range" it was...) about another girl at the park having a Belle dress that she wanted. It escalated (perhaps because we were with a group of friends at the park? the pressure?) when I told her she had to walk to the car herself- as I had some stuff in my hands. She was crying and couldn't breathe well and starting pulling her hair... and then yelled that she wanted another mom. I mean. It was just terrible. It leaves me questioning every aspect of my parenting!

-The weather is fantastic the last few days. we've been doing bike rides and playing outside with our neighbor kids which is therapeutic when the breeze is nice and the air smells spring-ish

-I'm eating ALL THE THINGS. yikes.

- Ella has swiped this fluffy vest from Lucy's closet and is pairing it with everything. kid's style choices are so heartwarming

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

To Granny Phoebe

All growing up, we would have family dinners at my grandparents house. Granny Phoebe was an excellent cook. She made the best homemade biscuits, spaghetti sauce that always had a secret ingredient that didn't stay secret for long (she would say, now this sauce has a special ingredient. can any of you guess what it is? ( it was grated apple!), peanut butter fudge- this was AMAZING. unfortunately she stopped making it quickly after I found out I had diabetes... she knew I would eat a lot of it... a real tragedy! also- Granny always had a garden. When I was a kid she always grew green beans and would bottle them up. I LOVED her green beans. She would usually cook them with a piece of bacon or ham. They were amazing. Though- it was a pity when I first tasted canned green beans from the store- because frankly they tasted almost as good. I guess I really like green beans... 

Granny was always the one I could go to for the scoop on family members. She know a decent amount of dirt on people and was not afraid to share- to my pleasure! Also, she was so chatty in the best way. Her dinner prayers were so endearing because she would go on forever praying for this person and that person. When I was a kid I remember watching her put in her contacts and sort out her pills. It was nostalgic when she came to Utah I saw Ella watching her sort out her pills, rather interested.

It is so weird when someone you are close to passes away. Is it weird to post this stuff on a public blog about my grandma? too private? Maybe. She was and is a lovely lady.