Sunday, August 21, 2016

34 weeks (Almost)

I'm almost 34 weeks. I feel so gross and big all the time. In fact, I think I look quite petite in this photo... I seem bigger when I look in the mirror, maybe thats just a good angle I got. I put on some maternity shorts yesterday, and the over-the-belly maternity band on the shorts was too tight. Yikes. Also my feet are swelling, so that's nice. Pregnancy whining over here.

Also, we bought this glider this week:
photo from Babies R Us website
Brent wanted a different one that was more comfortable for him... but this one was more comfortable for me (the seat isn't quite as deep so I don't have to scoot myself back when I sit down). So, I hope I don't regret it because this one was $50 more expensive. It'll be delivered soon, so I'll see what I think.

Oh you guys, I'm so curious how a family of four will be. What will Brent and I's dynamic be like since we'll have two on two adult to kid ratio instead of two to one? Can we keep our relationship up to date? How will Ella survive not being #1 all the time? and maybe more importantly, how will I survive Ella learning to survive? I'm anxious that even though Ella is done with bottles now (but she was SO SO attached to them when she was using them, like emotionally attached) that when she sees the baby getting bottle, that will put her over the edge and she'll be, like, emotionally scarred.

Also, I was chatting in church with someone about my hobbies.. and I thought to myself... what hobbies do I have? Thinking of the next meal Eleanor will eat? Picking up dinosaurs off the floor? It makes me feel like a dummy to not have any hobbies except my family/kids. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Work & 33 weeks

August 31st is my last day of work. !!

I'm looking forward to not having to stress at work and not having to stay longer than my 4 hours (which I do way too often). But I'm worried that without a set 4 hour work time, I'll have no routine, and so I'll go a little bonkers. I'll have to think of more things to do during the day for miss Eleanor- I can't just chill at home feeling content knowing that she's already done something awesome with Grandma and Grandpa while I was at work.

Also... this pregnancy is way more uncomfortable way sooner. I'm 33 weeks, and if I start to "run" after Ella... yiiiiiikes. it's basically impossible. Or turn over while laying in bed, or bending over to pick up something, or being hot all the time.The usual dumb pregnancy struggles.

I've started having non-stress tests twice a week also. I've had two so far (they make sure the placenta is giving the baby enough oxygen-which is a worry because of diabetes. They test that by measuring baby's heart rate after she moves- the rate should go up by a certain amount of beats after a movement. I think I have that right). Baby is healthy so thats awesome. She is measuring a week and a few days bigger than usual, but the doctor said in the 3rd trimester, as long as the baby is within 3 weeks of the due date, that's cool. so, Phew.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Baby Names

We are having a tough time picking a baby name for this second kid. At first, both Brent and I really liked Mila, but I can't stomach how close it sounds to Ella, both having the same exact 2nd syllable. Here are our (and my) other picks so far:

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Pool

We went to the pool with my old college room mates and it was so good. It takes a bit of work to go the pool with a kid (putting on the swim diaper, the sunblock, packing the snacks, the drinks, the floaties that take up a lot of space but may or may not be used, the towels, the sun glasses, blah blah) but it is always so worth it. And spending time with these ladies below makes me realize that I dont have any girl friends any more and its a real bummer. Somehow, now that I have a family, I don't make as good friends for myself anymore- like my guard is up because oh, my family is my best friend right now, but that doesn't quite cut it all the time.
I got Ella a doctor kit, and it came with glasses...? I was getting her pajamas ready for her one time after a bath and she ran in in the nude and with these glasses. ha, its pretty cute hearing her say "doctor kit" and it helps her stay still during a diaper change if I tell her she's having surgery (brent came up with that one, kudos).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Interesting to compare. I think the bump looks a little pointier? The summer is too hot already for me to be pregnant. Yeesh. Also, my Grandma Phoebe is coming to Utah on Thursday and I hope she loves it. She hasn't come here in ages and I really hope we can show her a good time.

Monday, June 27, 2016


I get anxious about stupid stuff, and its annoying me. For instance:

  • Ella's room has simply her bed in it, and a rocking chair for the rare instance I rock her to sleep. nothing else. nothing on the walls, no dresser (I still use the one in her nursery- which will be given to the next kid). I'm getting anxious about it. I feel this weird necessity to put her room together. But then I look online for ideas and things are so pricey and I think to myself, are colorful pom pom banners and decorative plants really necessary? No, they ain't. 
  • Finding a nursing bra. I've been looking at amazon for ages and I. just. can't. decide.
  • I searched online for 2-3 weeks for summer sandals for Ella so her feet wouldn't get hot. It made me stressed. so many options. whats worth what price? will she wear it? is it comfortable? should i get sandals that cover the toes? I mean good hell, she is 2.
I look at this teeny list. Stupid stuff. Why do I get anxious about it? Good question. Also, all of them are about shopping... that is not something to stress over. Perhaps I need to reevaluate my priorities.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Hello. Ella's just turned two. She's a tantrum throwing, attention demanding, opinionated, extremely irrational and infuriating toddler. A real joy.

I hope it all channels into a confident and strong woman when she's older- but I don't know if I'll live to see it, as I constantly want to jump into a lake. Changing a diaper, getting into the car seat, not getting multiple bottles of milk in a row (I'm weirdly quite embarrassed that I haven't weaned her from bottles by now), leaving my parents house, not being able to go outside because I'm half naked because its 7am- all big challenges.

And on that note, we are expecting a second baby girl on Oct 4. We are very happy, and extremely anxious. Eh, Brent doesn't seem too anxious, just me I think.
Her 20 week ultrasound profile (here's Ella's ultrasound profile. I guess they look pretty similar...). I'm pleased to hear she's measuring well and everything seems healthy so far- which is always a miracle with diabetes and all.

My google search history consists of, "tips for a newborn with a toddler" and "how to handle a toddler tantrum in public" and "how to respond when someone says you look tired."

That last one- someone said it to me at work the other day AND someone at church asked my mom if I feeling alright- they thought I looked so tired. I will never say that to someone from now on- I guess its coming from a place of concern, but it reads as, you look horrible and let me mention it your face. I've decided my response will be a slight grimace with, "Huh, bummer. I feel quite good." Then, hopefully they will feel embarrassed.

Also, I have now bought 3 of the exact same dresses in different colors. It is so comfortable- like jersey- and long enough and loose enough and with a high neck to not worry about a thing. Excellent with and without pregnancy.
perfect twirling dress in black + white stripe
Plus, it's my sweet mom and mother-in-law's birthdays this upcoming 2 weeks (Billie is June 7th and Kathy Mouritsen is the 9th). If you have any awesome gift ideas, I'd love to hear. My mom is so so so good with Ella. I have to constantly remind myself that she's already had 4 kids herself and so I can't compare myself. We are very lucky.