Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween 2017

For some reason, Lucy had just pushed Ella, hence the sad face...

We had two Minnie Mouses this Halloween. Eleanor had been wearing her Minnie dress almost nonstop for the last few months so it hardly felt like she was dressed up! Ella was telling a few people that her little sister was going to be a little Minnie Mouse. So.. I made it happen.

We went to our church Halloween party the saturday before. It was pretty good. All the kids "trick or treated" to all the rooms. You'll be proud to hear I decorated a door for the cause- not a normal thing for me, but I think my kids are helping me get into the spooky spirit. I spent at least $50 on the decor- for better or worse.

Unfortunately though, I had, like, a 2-day bug or something because I felt SICK. It was lucky that I even went to the party. I had thrown up in the check out line at Target just a few hours before. An awkward situation for all involved. The cashier girl was like, whoa.

Thankfully it went in Lucy's snack bag and not all over the floor. But, sorry Lucy, about your snacks...

Then on Halloween day Ella caught it. She threw up too! Poor thing. She handled it really well. She's never thrown up before- and it is scary! She didn't trick or treat. she said, "I don't want to. the candy will hurt my sore throat." it was so cute and pitiful. She did enjoy handing out candy though. So did Lucy- who tried to escape as fast as possible with every trick or treater out the door. (PS Lucy caught the bug that night too. Puking babies are NO JOKE. they cannot aim and it is a bummer)

We did a few other fall activities as well. There are an astonishing number of pumpkin patches around here. For some reason, I felt a lot of inner pressure to do a lot of Halloween activities. Why? Probably because all those damn Instagram photos of moms and their kids carving pumpkins! Ah well.

Ella was posing for pictures in front of this jack'o'lantern!! I love her and her diva ways. Also, Lucy was dutifully trying to climb up and copy her. It is so sweet how she tries to copy everything Ella does but it also makes a lot more work for me- forcing kids to share is like the bane of my existence. Pretty soon I'm just gonna have to tell them to fight it out because I can't do. it. anymore. kind of joking?
Lucy's toothy grin!

PS Ella has worn pants to school two times now and IT IS A MIRACLE. at her preschool they play outside every day and it is getting too cold for her to wear her beloved dresses! she cries when she puts them on before school but her teachers say she isn't bothered at all during class. As soon as I pick her up she's like, Can I eat Capn Crunch when we get home? And can I take off my pants?!?!?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Berry Picking, Fair, and Mom Issues

 We went raspberry picking a few days ago at a place a little south of Orem, Around Mapleton I think? anyway- the weather was SO nice and the raspberries- though we had to forage a bit for them- tasted heavenly.
 There was a bit of a snaffeau with poison ivy... I was holding Lucy as we were walking through an overgrown path and I saw the ivy- and i thought NOOOOOO. So I wiped down the girls with baby wipes on the drive home and prayed.

Thankfully, only Eleanor has had a few spots- and they have hardly been itchy. Thank you thank you thank you. Can you imagine a toddler and a baby with poison ivy? yiiikes.
 The raspberries were lovely, but I don't know if I"ll ever go back.
 Sham and Joel invited us to the state Fair. It was pretty nice- I especially liked all the cows and sheep- though I didn't take any pictures of those... you know what they look like.
Sometimes I struggle between the spectrums of motherhood. I feel internal pressure to be a "playful mom" and a "living in the present soaking up every moment with my kids mom." But I also don't want to be a helicopter parent (for both selfish and non selfish reasons) and not let them have free time where they have to think of their own stuff to do. I read stuff online about kids not being bored enough now with tv and phones. Like an empty mind allows space for creativity and independence. Also, I don't want to play prince and princess, and the bed is a boat, and store every hour. Get away from me, kids. Let me do my thing. It's a struggle.

Sometimes when Ella comes home from preschool and I'm peppering her with questions, she'll say something like, I don't want to talk any more about school. I'm at home now. Or I'll ask her what sound an A makes- cause that's what she's learning- and she's like, No, I already did that with Ms Brit. Ha! Alright threenager.

Hopefully you can see this video- Lucy is getting better and better every day with walking. She's eating a coconut almond protein bar if you're curious... I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed by that. I don't think so? lots of protein...
Also, lately, I've had Ella "Practice" wearing pants. She hates them- something about the fabric between her legs bugs her. Ever since potty training back in March- ONLY DRESSES. which is fabulous. but now that its starting to get cold- and her preschool will go on nature walks even in the snow- I need to get her sensitive little legs prepped so I don't feel like the worst mom in school when Ella walks around in a dress and bare legs in the snow. We're up to about an hour of wearage and she's like, can i take off my pants now?????

Friday, September 1, 2017

Lucy's First Steps

My sweet little Lucy just took 2 consecutive teeny baby steps yesterday. She is 11 months old as of August 26th. So exciting! My little girls are growing and its just wonderful.
Little sweet newborn Lucille! And just look at Ella's adoring expression.
My balloon face. And little Lucy's newly born red cheeks.And I die at Eleanor's pig tails and her little face. I would get a nutrigrain bar from the hospital cafeteria every time so I could give it to her when she visited me- she had taken to them. Birth is crazy.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer and Pre-School

Eleanor likes playing with the hose, but does NOT like her dress getting wet. Therefore, a lot of nakedness happens outside. and well, inside as well, but I don't have too much a reason for that.

I had to set the rule that she doesn't have to wear clothes in our backyard, but she must wear underwear.

This summer has been nice. We went and got snow cones yesterday- it just felt so... summertime. and it makes me feel like im giving my kids a good childhood when I see Ella eating her red (always red) snow cone at the picnic table with the sun going behind the clouds. And, its not the end of summer yet- itll be hot for a while yet- but I am excited for next summer when Lucy will be almost 2- Im hoping I'll go the pool more as Lucy won't be as much of a baby. ? Maybe.

Today was the first day of Ella's preschool- well really it was a practice day as me and the other moms stayed the whole time. it's Called Wasatch Nature School. It's run out of a neighbors home. 8 kids. Miss Brit has a bunny, tarantula, and lizard. Ella loves this. It went really well and I was so pleased. Ella's little meltdown at her first dance class made me a little nervous. But she did so well. Its exciting to see her grow into her own person. The class requires fanny packs instead of backpacks (ha!) so that when the class goes on their daily walks they can collect rocks and other stuff toddlers like to pick up. But Ella insisted on carrying hers like a purse- the lady. i said fine as long as you hold it and not me. and she did.
This was her response to, "Give me your ready-for-school face." She looks ready.