Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ella: 8 Months

Girlfriend is 8 months old tomorrow, on Jan 19th.

She doesn't have any teeth yet! which is a little unusual from what I read. But, she does:
-sit up real well, only sometimes falling over
-pick up cheerios to eat with her thumb and sweet little finger
-army crawls
-goes from laying down to sitting up on her own
-claps her little hands
-pulls herself up to stand every now and again
-takes two naps a day, and for the last week or so, they've been a bit longer, sometimes 2 hours. Which always feels like an unprecedented luxury. But, unfortunately, she still wakes up once or twice a night.

She is moving a ton. Its a tricky business to change her diaper, she'll roll over in a hot second. I try to convince her to stay still with a toy, but its about 50-50.

She seems to rather like her "Pat the Bunny" book Brent's mom got her for Christmas. It has a fuzzy little bunny for her to touch, buttons for her to rattle, you know, blah blah. For toys, car keys and my watch are a no-fail.

We shared a moment the other day. I was feeding her peaches and telling her how delicious they were, and she was just laaaughing, and then I was laughing at her, and then she was laughing at me- you know, real bonding time. It felt like we were real friends for a minute.

The last few days she seems to get a bit slap happy when she's tired. She'll kind of cry, and then laugh real hard at something, and then cry again. Quite cute stuff.
The other day, I finally weighed 145 lbs., which is what I weighed pre-Eleanor. It was an excellent moment. But of course, I ate some pizza the other day at a friends house and now I weigh 149... but it'll go back down I'm sure... right? right?!

Also, I recently realized Ballet West holds adult ballet classes closer to my house so maybe I'll wander over there some time.