Friday, March 15, 2013

Work-ing it.

Work is in full force (as is spring weather... lovely enough) these days and I think I like it. SimTek Fence (where I'm a newly hired receptionist) is way different than any place I've ever worked. I'm one of two women that work here (with about 20 dudes) and I still feel crazy dumb asking questions about my job. Ha. I feel dumb asking questions about a task someone gives me and I feel even more dumb if I don't ask questions and then I do something wrong. I mean, that's a lose-lose.

But, I'm excited to really feel 100% comfortable. The people I work with are like all family ... hopefully I can work myself to that status. Eep.

Heather, the receptionist before me who's been training me these last weeks, had her last day at work today and the guys took her (and I got to tag along) out to lunch at PF Chang's. Hurray for when work pays for my lunch. But seriously, they were so sad to see her go. Everyone loves her. Dang I got big shoes to fill. So that makes me a bit nervous, especially cause my personality is quite a bit different than hers.... she's super quick-witted and shoots funny comebacks to all the guys' teasings... that's DEFINITELY not my strong point. But here's the thing... I'll be fine, right?

Anyhow, I did get to drive the company's jeep the other day (I had to pick up some chain from Home Depot) and it was legit. I mean, it was a rustic car... but it was awesome to drive the company car... somehow it got me all giddy... should I be embarrassed?
P.S. SimTek Fence is a fence manufacturer. There's a huge warehouse connected to the office with gargantuan machines that make our fence. The fence is made out of polyethylene, which is a fancy and really durable plastic, and is made in these huge ovens that freak me out when their doors open. And when I say warehouse, I mean WAREHOUSE. Like forklifts scooting around (like I seriously have to watch out for those things), shipping bays for 18-wheeler trucks, and hard hat areas sort of warehouse. I'm the receptionist, so I answer calls, ship out marketing materials, keep track of our employee's hours to email to our accountant, enter bills to be paid in Quickbooks, and file away paid bills.

P.P.S This blog about in vitro fertilization is so intense and real. The blogger goes through the process she went through trying to get pregnant, and it's crazy to get a step by step of the whole ordeal. I like this lady's blog quite a bit. She swears like a sailor... but I secretly love it.