Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ella's Soccer team and tidbits

 We are ending soccer season. It is crazy how kids minds change. Ella was ALL ABOUT SOCCER this summer. Then, as time went on, she:
-didn't like me to cheer for her at games
-didn't like cheering for the team herself
-took a while to enjoy practice, but when she warmed up, she loved it
-wasn't too intent on getting any goals
-but was then quite disappointed when she couldn't play one game because we forgot her shin guards.

Basically, she has a love/hate relationship with soccer. It was sure fun for me to watch her play though. Also, Lucy badly wanted to join in- so we'll see if she has the same sort of mind games that Ella has.

I struggle knowing how to be compassionate to Eleanor when she cries and whines for little things (if I get mad/annoyed, of course she cries harder!) while still teaching her its not ok to cry and whine for little things. How do I teach this?! I'm hoping and guessing it's just a phase and she'll mature out of it.

There is this wild field behind Ella and Kaden's preschool that is perfect for exploring. I'm so pleased how much she likes Kiddie Korner preschool. She is very excited for her Halloween party next week. They are having a little parade the parents can come to, where the kids show off their costumes. I'm excited to see it too! Her teachers are simply the sweetest- and it is obvious both Ella and Kaden and all the other kids I see at pick up love the teachers so much. I love hearing Ella say, "Bye Teacher!" at the end of school instead of using her name, Ms Karma. ha. I also heard Kaden say, "See ya later Alligator" to Ms Janet, and she responded, "I'll see you in an hour, sunflower!"
Heart eyes all around.
 I struggle with just sitting and doing nothing while my kids play. If I'm on my phone, Lucy always sees it and wants it, and I feel so dumb if people see me on my phone while watching the kids (is this crazy that I feel so self conscious? probably) Should I get a paper book? Perhaps a self help book about building confidence.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Lucy's Conversations at 2

Lucy just turned two, and she still seems like such a little baby to me still. I cant decide/remember if Lucy is talking as much as Ella was at this age. I wanna say that Lucy still baby talks way more... ah I'm not sure. I'm going to make a list of what Lucy says:

Thank you, Mommy
I wanna wear a dress (slurred all together)
I want to eat.
I want to watch... Ella. (I think she means Elsa but she can't pronounce the "s")
Here you go.
What? (she'll say this a lot. I'll tell her something. she'll say "What?" and I repeat. and then again, "what?)
Where did it go?
Here it is.
I love you. (very slurred. but i promise i hear it.)

She'll also sing sometimes- usually I can make out Twinkle Twinkle little star. And sometimes its obvious when she sees a star she'll start singing it.

Also, her hair is always in her face. I'm over it.