Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer and Pre-School

Eleanor likes playing with the hose, but does NOT like her dress getting wet. Therefore, a lot of nakedness happens outside. and well, inside as well, but I don't have too much a reason for that.

I had to set the rule that she doesn't have to wear clothes in our backyard, but she must wear underwear.

This summer has been nice. We went and got snow cones yesterday- it just felt so... summertime. and it makes me feel like im giving my kids a good childhood when I see Ella eating her red (always red) snow cone at the picnic table with the sun going behind the clouds. And, its not the end of summer yet- itll be hot for a while yet- but I am excited for next summer when Lucy will be almost 2- Im hoping I'll go the pool more as Lucy won't be as much of a baby. ? Maybe.

Today was the first day of Ella's preschool- well really it was a practice day as me and the other moms stayed the whole time. it's Called Wasatch Nature School. It's run out of a neighbors home. 8 kids. Miss Brit has a bunny, tarantula, and lizard. Ella loves this. It went really well and I was so pleased. Ella's little meltdown at her first dance class made me a little nervous. But she did so well. Its exciting to see her grow into her own person. The class requires fanny packs instead of backpacks (ha!) so that when the class goes on their daily walks they can collect rocks and other stuff toddlers like to pick up. But Ella insisted on carrying hers like a purse- the lady. i said fine as long as you hold it and not me. and she did.
This was her response to, "Give me your ready-for-school face." She looks ready.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Late Night Ramble

It is 1am. I have stayed up painting my garage - be it noted that painting white paint over white primer feels like the most redundant and worthless task ever- washing my 6786474 dishes and watching the trashy reality television series Bachelor in Paradise. I will regret this, I'm sure.

Ella started her first dance class today. It was darling. Until she fell down and started crying uncontrollably, the sweet sensitive little doll. I had to take her out (thankfully it was right near the end) and it took a long time for her to calm down, maybe 45 min, poor thing. Emotionally charged event I guess? First ballet class at a new place? I dunno.
This is a horrible photo behind the shaded window, but there you go. It was funny to see how she reacted to the teachers- she's never been in a formal class setting before. Sometimes the teacher would tell her to do something and I could see she would kinda talk back to the teacher in what I assume was a made up reason not to do what she was being asked (she does that to me. saying like, "but my tiger doesn't want me to put my shoes on. she's scared and wants me to stay with her." adorable, but, eye roll.) But then, after a few min, she would do it.

Also, I've been wearing my glasses, no contacts at all, since Friday. It's been rough. Lucy thinks shes so hilarious when she pulls em off all the time and does a little giggle. Anyway, I'm having an eye assessment done on Wednesday to see if I can get lasik. !!! the lasik surgery scares me, but waking up to clear vision?!? sounds like a crystal clear dream. Brent had it done about 2 years ago and I've been jealous.

also i have a cavity being filled tomorrow. bummer.
I haven't taken a photo of these girls together for a while. Lately, they've been acting more like sisters- Lucy will giggle endlessly at Ella's bath time splashing, and it really is so heart warming.
My dad so sweetly took us out on this fishing boat he's fixing up for a neighbor. I posted some of these on instagram so I'm sorry if this is repeat... but it was funny to me Eleanor requested no waves and no spashing and don't go fast! Grandpa and I were happy to oblige. And you can see her haircut that she gave herself. It's a bit crazy.
um, how cute are they! ps i didn't realize how big of a soft spot my dad has for kids and babies- it is precious. Also, if something is broken at our house Eleanor always says, Papa can fix it. She knows.

She always calls him papa, which is sweet because I always have, and still do, call him Grandpa, never papa, so she came up with that on her own- not that its real original- but it is for her! ha.

I saw this cool girls hiking trip in alaska online. how cool would that be?! I always think that's something I would love... but when actually hiking... would I love it? I don't know.

I am really excited for Brent and my Hawaii vacation in November.