Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Time in Photos and Captions

She was too shy to talk to him but she rather liked him, and also the candy cane! She also asked me a few times where the reindeer were. I said they were sleeping..... ??
We saw the Nutcracker together!!! The most magical part of the holiday thus far. I may or may not have cried a little bit. Ella sat through the whole thing, riveted during the first half and a little tired in the second half. She especially liked how Clara had a little Nutcracker and it turned into a big Nutcracker.. and the fight between him and the Mouse King.
Outside the theater... running around. It was lovely.
She got the little stool out all by herself to get off an ornament to look at. It was so adorable. To keep it real, this specific day was super hard- both kids were all crying and mad about something all. the. time. and it was driving me nuts. Whatever, we get past it.

For Christmas, we are giving our ladies (fingers crossed Ella loves these items- Christmas shopping is such a gamble! you never know whats worth it):
toddler drum and maraca set (I'm sure I'll regret it)
some other crap, I can't remember.
play mat for Lucy

Also, Lucy is almost 3 months and she is such gem. She sleeps well (5 hour chunks at night and is easy to get back to sleep) and has started smiling and cooing- which brings me such joy. 

Ella Chats: 2 1/2

Some things Ella says:

when I ask if she wants to go the park, "Maybe Yes?" And another time she answered, "Um, sure."

The other morning after waking up in our bed with Brent, she says to him, "You are my best friend." Heart eyes all around! Then she said it to me, and then Lucy. But it was lovely every time.

Brent and I saw a movie today and our neighbors were kind enough to watch both Ella and Lucy. Ella has never stayed with them before so I was prepping her beforehand about how she was going to stay at Lori and Kristen's house and then I would come back for her. She said, "I'm scared about that... a tiny bit" while putting her thumb and pointer finger together to show me just a little bit.

I told her we were going to the bouncy place to play, she responds with an unelicited "I'm excited!"

She asked me if she could put orange soda in her chili. I told her that wouldn't taste very good, and she responded, "Well, I have to try it." Parent logic about tasting food before judgment turned against me.

I got my haircut a month or so ago, and when I came home she said, Mom your hair looks so nice! as she smoothed her hands over my head. Girlfriend notices the details.

Eleanor is annoying 75% of the time, but I love her and I think she's a genius. I think I mostly need to adjust my attitude about the annoying part...

Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Granny Phoebe!

A generous and beautiful granny, an excellent biscuit baker, and can tell a real good story- when you want one and when you don't :)

Love you so much Granny Phoebe and the happiest of birthdays. Ella is lucky to be named after you.