Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One More Thing...

On our last day in the city we rented citi-bikes right by Brooklyn Bridge and cruised right across it. Such views! Needless to say, Brent cruised right along, and I huffed and puffed (while trying to snap photos- tourist alert) about 150ft. behind. But boy, the crisp wind felt so good! It was pretty cold at first, but once I worked it up the hill, it felt fabulous. Here are some more photos if you'd like to see...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New York, Part Deux

Saturday in New York was crisp and pretty relaxed. We walked through Central park (the colors were beautiful!) and had a fancy little breakfast at The Lexington Brass by our hotel. I had eggs benedict (though not the one listed on menu with caviar! I was too scared). PS I've tried to poach eggs before... whoa. I'll leave it to the pros, its tricky business. I was curious if the chefs in the back used some sort of cheater tool that they have out there, or if they dropped it into boiling water old-school like. Seriously, talent is needed for that to work. Anyway.

Our Time in the City

New York this past weekend. Eep! What an experience. Ballets, a little emergency room hospital visit, and topped with a little bike ride over the Brooklyn Bridge... Read on for part 1 of the full saga.