Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby Favorites #2

Brent and I went rather minimal when it came to baby supplies, I think (though that is relative- because we still have a ton of baby stuff). There are so many things to buy, and it's tricky because it's not 100% your baby will like everything! So here's my "list":

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Carseat

This happened today on the way home from the grocery store. That little snoozer. ALSO, she went to bed a whole hour earlier than usual! At 8pm. Very good news. Lets hope that keeps up. Although, when my mom gets here in a few weeks, I'm sure she'll be keeping Ella awake till way past both of their bedtimes ;)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Spam & Nonsense

It is ridiculously silly how excited I get over normal baby bodily functions. When she burps after eating, it's like a small victory. And I am over the moon when she has a crazy diaper- then I feel validated I'm feeding her enough.
I'm obsessed over the nursing dresses, and frankly the shirts too, by Swedish designed Boob Nursing Wear (Update: I found this dress cheaper and in the U.S. at and I've bought it!). I feel like they would make nursing so much easier! They're a little pricey... so I haven't bit the bullet yet, but I want to. It has a simple little flap that you just pull up to nurse. It almost seems like I could make one... but... you know.
Also, I just finished reading "Anne of Avonlea" and it was so fabulous. I need to read more! I mean, I have the time. 

Brent is also leaving this Friday (with one of his brothers) for Austin, Texas to go to a BYU football game. He is so pumped about it- always nice to have something good to look forward to. I didn't want to face the hassle of a plane ride with Ella for just a football game- not quite my thing, so it'll be just us girls this weekend. Hopefully it won't be too boring. I'll have to find something fun for us to do.