Thursday, March 29, 2012

So soon...

Everything is coming up so soon! Summer is almost here, my mom is coming to visit next week, the semester is almost ending (thank goodness), and Brent and I will be moving in a few weeks to our new house. Whoa.

And, there are a few things I'm nervous about. 
1. Wearing these shoes my whole wedding day.. I'm pretty sure I will frequently take them off. And what if I trip up during Brent and I's first dance?! I will be so so so embarrassed. I think I may need to practice dancing with them on.

2. That the reception dinner will be a disaster. We still don't have centerpieces yet... the Wight House is VERY SLOW in getting back to me. I called the event planner 2 weeks ago... twice... and she still hasn't called me back. I know it'll work out (fingers crossed) but that doesn't mean I'm not anxious.

3. What about the wedding kiss?!?! Big, small, 1 kiss, 2 kisses, what if I go for two and Brent just does one, not expecting the second?? Embarrassing. I need to talk to him about that...

4. Thank goodness mom will be here soon to help. She already single handedly picked out these lovely boutonnieres (not too flowery, manly, yet romantic, and in the right sage color) and these place settings which I adore, and double as wedding favors (so sweet with that little bird! and will look so soft and romantic on each plate with the guest's name written on the card).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wander Lust

photo from this wonderful engagement photography blog
I still can't get my mind off of Europe. A vacation sounds so wonderful right now! Work and school are taking up way too much time. :) Welcome to real life, girlfriend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sans Luggage

I saw this genius company, LugLess, on another blog (the blog, A Cup of Jo, over there on the left). The company  picks up your luggage from your house and delivers it to your destination so you don't have to mess around with crazy suitcases in airports and whatnot. It doesn't seem too bad of a price, $39 for small bags and $59 for large ones.

But, I figured I'd post it if family was interested in doing something like this for coming out to Utah. Mom, maybe? It would have been wonderful for travel to London. Messing with my luggage on the tube, going down on the stairs into the underground station was a nightmare. It reminds me of this post when I had to take my mammoth suitcase on, like, 3 forms of public transportation. A mess! And look at Deanna from when we had our Europe trip... 

Monday, March 19, 2012


I have so much to do.... and yet I'm procrastinating shamelessly. So I'm like everybody else, sue me. :) I promised myself I'll get back to homework after I posted this here...
Dad looking scruffy and happy on a train.. and why shouldn't he? This photo was taken in England.
A little something I think of when I think dad...
When Brent and I have a place... I would like to put lots of modern art on the walls. Classy and thoughtful stuff
And include lots of travel photos, like this one of Paris, please.
And some big prints of Monet.  
I miss Christmas break...
And now its back to work... My fingers are crossed summer will be here after I blink...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Job...

I finally, finally got a job. Which is so necessary. I really didn't realize how much my expenses really rack up until I started having to ask my parents for everything. And a wedding of course doesn't really help you save money...

It is a huge blessing in fact. The job is with Devcon Security. A company that sells security systems around the country. When a sales rep sells a security system, they give me a call so I can set up the new security account in our database. The people seem great to work with and I'm very excited to work in an office again. As you can see, I rock a headset while I type away. The pay is alright, $9/hour, and I'll work about eh.. 20 hours a week or so.

It really is a blessing that I got the job, I think. My neighbor and my room mate work there currently, which works out as I'll be able to carpool. And, my neighbor is a supervisor there, so I really think he gave me a good reference... so really good good good good karma to Cameron, he deserves it.

And, just in case you were curious, 1 month 8 days from right now, these two best friends are gonna make it official.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Jitters for Shoes

Ladies and Gentle-men... I have been searching for ages for wedding shoes. The search has been tedious. I wanted them not too expensive, nude colored, preferably wedges (but if a heel, the heel had to be the perfect thickness- heaven forbid), not too high, but high enough, classy looking, a bit different, but not too crazy, the right shade of nude, a 6.5 size... Ok, so maybe I was picky. But these are the ones I finally chose on: Nine West pumps. So, they don't actually fit all my requirements. But.. they do fit the most important qualification: classy. (And a thicker heel so I don't trip and fall- which would qualify as NOT classy- again heaven forbid)

Fingers crossed when they come in the mail I will like them as much in person as on the website. Really, fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Workin the Board

So for my internship with BYU Radio, I have the opportunity to, what they say in the business (or at least what I think they say in the business :), "board op". That means to pull in the audio from some other station to be broadcast on our station (which is online at or on the satellite radio, XM 143). So, the first time I did it by myself... I was scared out of my mind. If I don't push one little button then our listeners hear nothing.

Anyways, it went off with only one little hitch, so I was mostly pleased. I broadcast the LDS devotional (taking place at BYU-Idaho) and it was a few weeks back. But, I thought I'd post a little photo... and you can see I look a little nervous. And, I may or may not have been shaking and a little cold.

Also, I just cannot help posting a photo or two of this lovely couple that just got married on the 9th of this month in Missouri. Ryan and the lovely former Ms. Whitney Nielsen I just can't believe that after so long, I think it's been like 4 years, that they are finally together for good. It gives me butterflies.
These are mainly for you Granny, cause I know how you enjoy Whitney's blog... and as she is on her honeymoon I'm sure she hasn't had quite the time to post these on her own :)
And because I'm just so head over heels for my best friend and for whats happening for us both in the next month and a half or so, here's another engagement photo... or two... I hope you'll humor me...

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm so excited (and nervous!) for a lot of the things I've got goin on at the moment. I can't believe I'm going to a wedding on April 27th... my own... :) I'm nervous about the internship I'm scrambling to get for this summer (my fingers are crossed to be accepted by Salt Lake City's KSL TV Newsroom internship, and if that one doesn't work, heaven knows what I'll do). Brent and I will moving into our new house in May and we've got a whole summer of good stuff... and no classes or homework (heaven) to look forward to.

But, I can't help but miss England. About a year ago, I had bought my plane ticket to Heathrow and I was looking forward to some of the best memories... literally ever. England was such a joy for me. Going to every mass I could at those breathtaking cathedrals, watching Parliament from the observing gallery, loving every minute I spent with Auntie Thellie (biking all kinds of places Granny went when she was about my age) and adoring the cathedral in Norwich.

I am so glad I did that study abroad, even if it did cost a lot and delayed graduation... it was just so wonderful.
London skyline, with the ferris wheel and House of Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

Somerset House in London, housed a beautiful photograph exhibit, and located right along the Thames.

The pier at Brighton beach, where we ate jellied eel and got henna tattoos and loved the beautiful  pebbled beach.

The ruins of Tintern Abbey in Wales. With the mist and sunlight, it was so dreamy. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson at the podium there in the Marriott Center. I know it looks like
nobody is at the podium... but you can see his blazer just barely...
When I was in high school, I read a really good book titled, Gifted Hands. My mom had showed me the book, it was the autobiography of Dr. Ben Carson, the first doctor to successfully separate Siamese twins joined at the head.

It was quite good, as Dr Carson has a way unusual and inspiring story. He grew up in the projects of Detroit with a single mother who only had a third grade education. He also attributes God for all of his talents and talks in the book about how God has played a huge hand in his life. It is wonderful.

But the awesome thing, he came to BYU to give a forum! Which we have every Tuesday at 11am in the Basketball arena and either a religious leader or a scholarly leader presents. It felt really special to be able to listen to someone who I read about and admired in high school.

Dr Carson was wonderful. Inspirational and funny, with a story that defies all odds.

And I can't help but post another engagement photo... humor me, please :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can't decide...

I can't help but post more engagement pictures. And I can't decide which one to use for our wedding invitation! Brent is too good looking for his own good...

Supreme Props to our photographer, Kelli Brown, is such a talent.