Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eleanor's 3rd Birthday, Chicago Girls Weekend

Ella turned 3 on May 19th. I was pretty nervous for the party because Ella kept mentioning how she was excited for her party and her red birthday cake (which I'm happy to say was a success- not that I made it- I bought it, but still). A lot of pressure to live up to! Which is dumb, because she's 3, so it doesn't really matter. Anyhow, It was really sweet to have our family come down that evening for cake cutting. In the morning, I invited Ella's friends (mostly from her nursery at church) to The Bounce House- a kids heaven with blow up slides and foam pits and a balloon cage where a few high powered fans blow balloons every which way and you can dance around in them. Even I like it.

It was quite fun. I didn't have to worry too much about being a host or entertaining anyone- the Bounce House did that beautifully. I was on the fence about paying for the guests... but it got a little complicated when everyone arrived, so I didn't. (faux pas?) But I did give all the kids a Trolls Pez dispenser, which seemed like a hit. We had just got Phoebe's birthday card and gift the day before in the mail, perfect timing! so Ella opened that on her birthday. She was quite pleased at the family picture inside. We hung that on the wall at her eye level and she would point out the people in it for the next few days. Thank you Granny and Thellie.

Eleanor seemed to have a great day- so success! Though she keeps saying she wants to be 2. Ah well. Don't we all.
Sweet Brent planned a girls weekend for me in Chicago, with my best friend, Kelly! We roomed together for a few years in college. It was so nice. To walk around late at night, sans babies. To eat wherever and whenever we pleased, and to navigate ourselves around the city without our husbands getting bothered and taking over when we accidentally take a wrong turn.
We waited an hour to have deep dish pizza at Giordano's. Which was quite good- though we took a lot of leftovers home and the leftover pizza was better! The cheese had, like, time to set, or something. The restaurant was super touristy. didn't love that.
 I really loved the architecture boat tour on First Lady Cruises. It was about an hour and half, the boat going up and down the 'Y' shape river and the tour guide giving us all the details. The tall buildings were beautiful and it was nice with the wind in our hair! Chicago really lived up to its name as the windy city. It's nice to have a river in a city. I liked it a lot in San Antonio too (when we went there for my brother John's wedding). Like a bit of nature to soften up all the concrete.
These are just apartment buildings, I was surprised to find out. I thought they would be some important offices. Something real design-y and pretty to have 2 copy cat buildings right by each other. I remember getting a brochure in high school for the University of Chicago, and it having a picture of the skyline with these beauties on it. I wasn't at all interested in the school, but the picture hung up in my room for a long time. It was fun to see them in person.

Also, I got my hair cut around shoulder length in Chicago. I regret it. :( I remind myself of this 90's boy band, all the rage when I was in 5th grade, the Hanson Brothers. Bummer.
Image result for hanson brothers

But still, I had such a lovely time.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

6 Month Look, A Nap Miracle, Dress obsessions

Here are my girls at 6 months. Ella on the left and Lucy (from when we were in England!!) on the right. They are beautiful girls. I think Lucy is about 2 lbs heavier -almost 16 lbs and Ella was around 14) though she doesn't look too much bigger I don't think...

Being a mom is my identity, and sometimes that is fulfilling enough and sometimes it feels embarrassing and makes me feel incompetent and talentless. My identity used to be ballet in high school, and I'm sad that season has ended. Whatever.

The other day I decided to skip Eleanor's nap. While I was exercising (surprisingly. Lately Brent and I've been doing Insanity Max 30. Its hard. Brent is legit at it). Anyway, while I was exercising, she laid her head on the counter and WENT TO SLEEP. what? It was around 4pm. Naps are always a process, so this was so surprising and sweet. Needless to say, she went to bed at 10:30pm.
I would like to discuss potty training for a minute. Not the actual training, because there is too much to discuss there (though I do highly highly highly recommend this book which i used after my first 2 failed attempts at potty training and it helped a lot). But, now, she refuses to wear pants. ONLY DRESSES. Though I must say, she does wear her underwear and sometimes little bloomers over her underwear- so its not like its a real problem and we have a naked banshee on our hands. but anyway, I mean, ONLY DRESSES. she was wearing pajama pants at night, but now she prefers her "pajama dress." does the underwear feel weird with pants? does she like the breeze? the twirl? does she feel more like a princess? jut a stubborn toddler girl thing? I don't know. but its a thing.

PS granny phoebe I hope you're feeling better soon. love you

And, I think I have a shopping addiction. I look at Roolee Boutique's Website almost daily... it doesn't help that their models make EVERYTHING look so cute all the time. I just bought 2 dresses.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Lucy is SUCH a dear. She is generous with her smiles and is so snuggly. She goes to sleep easily. She belly laughed the other night when Brent was reading a book and doing funny voices, and it was the highlight of my week. I feel like, as my second baby, I appreciate her darling baby-ness so much more. Her sweet cheeks and chubby thighs and fuzzy hair. I just know what she turns into- a toddler- which is great, but just... more difficult.

We took a weekend trip to Logan 2 weeks ago (snowing and so so cold, it's almost in Idaho) to see the Grantsville high school womens basketball team in the state tournament and to eat half baked cookie dough with ice cream at Firehouse Pizzeria. Both girl slept so good in the hotel, it was beautiful.
Actually, ever since the Logan trip, Ella has been such a good kid! maybe a change of pace? Here we are doing "cheers", at Eleanor's request, with our lollipops.

Currently, Brent just got home from playing church basketball, and we are watching the Bachelor on television. excellent tv, trash tv, but excellent tv. We had waffles tonight, and they were wonderful. We beat the egg whites separately before we put them in the batter, and the result is just delightful- so fluffy. I like mine with strawberry jam and whip cream. Brent's preference is homemade syrup (mapleine, sugar,water).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

To do.

 Hello. I am very anxious about potty training Ella. I keep thinking about it and I keep putting it off like the slacker I am. Its such a commitment and a lot of work- always reminding her to go to the bathroom, cleaning up all the messes when she doesn't, taking extra clothes during outings in case of accidents, getting a mattress protector so night time issues won't soak and ruin her lil bed, holding her over other people's potties when we're out so her tiny little bum doesn't fall in- because her bum is tiny and it will. Pull ups or just diapers? How will she poo without her feet on the ground? These are my questions. I don't have answers.
 Lucy is such a good baby- her smiles bring me so much joy and they are often. She doesn't sleep through the night, but other than that, she's just excellent. I'm so pumped for when the girls can play together. Then Ella won't be asking me "Do you want to play with me?" 15x a day (whenever she asks its just so sweet and almost heartbreaking because her voice sounds like I haven't paid her any attention for hours- which is NOT THE CASE)
Christmas was good. Too many presents, but still good. I'm so annoyed that all my presents weren't winners- Ella maybe plays really with half of them. Bummer. The one that has gotten the most use I think is this sweet princess book.

Brent and I have started a 40 day diet.  We paid $50 for this Clean Simple Eats plan that maps out every meal and every snack and gives you a weekly grocery list and daily workouts. It's going pretty well. the food is pretty good so far (pineapple chicken and coconut rice for dinner tonight, Broccoli and turkey bacon pasta for dinner tomorrow), though the portions are quite smaller than what I would usually eat of course. It's SO nice and easier to have Brent do it along with me. I just bought a food scale online... so we're into it now. The recipes call for oz and grams of things sometimes, so it'll make it easier hopefully to portion correctly.