Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's Up

June 12
1. breastfeeding. Is she latching on right? Is she getting enough milk? Why is she always falling asleep while eating? Why is this feeding only 10 min? Why is this feeding 45 min? Does she look like she's gaining weight? My arm hurts from holding her while feeding. I have to switch from one side to the other half way through and burp her in between? That adds even more time to the 30 min feeding. These are my thoughts while breastfeeding and it gets tiresome. But when she's eating and I can hear her little baby swallows- precious.

2. Her skin is just so soft, and everything is just so little. And she makes adorable faces when she's sleeping.

3. When Ella gives mixed signals- I wish babies could talk! She's eating her hands, so I think she's hungry. I start feeding her, and 5 min. later she starts crying. I think maybe she has a little gas, I try to burp her- nothing; and more adorable little whimpering noises. She's eating her hands again, so I try again to feed her. More little cries. She yawns- so I try to rock her to sleep. Nothing. Then the cycle just starts again... eep.

4. If she's been fussy for a while, and I rock her and rock her, and I finally get her to sleep. I feel like its such a sweet victory!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ella's Story

Baby Eleanor has my heart! I went into the hospital May 18th, Sunday night, ready to be induced (well, ready- but just so nervous and jittery- I mean everything from that moment until the rest of my life would be new). Brent and I drove to the hospital once we got the phone call that the hospital was ready for us to come in (6:15pm). 

Monday, June 2, 2014


This sweet little baby! I'm excited to blog about her birth and all the details. She is such a little lady already.