Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orem City Gets a New Mayor

Orem, Provo's neighboring city, swore in their new mayor last Tuesday. Aaannnddd here's the video.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

He giveth. and He taketh away.

I had the absolute worst day.
I dropped my new iphone in the toilet, and now it won't turn on.
It is like losing a child. I know its just a hunk of metal.... but it hurts.
In lieu of flowers, please contribute to the
I-didn't-buy-insurance-so-I'm-out-of-luck fund.

Thank you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

a little woozy

I went to donate blood today... which I've done before, no issues whatsoever. But today, I got up from the reclining chair (a serious recliner, I was so far back!) to go to the snack section after they took the needle out. My vision was going all black, all I could hear was a hum of noise in the background, and I had the feeling of being in an airplane that's going down way too fast. Oh man! it was one of the worst things I've ever felt! I thought for sure I was gonna black out at any second. One of the nice girls working the snack station was like, "Get a juice! Get a juice! Get a juice!" Haha so I did. And I went and laid down on the recliner again... and then I was back to regular in about 10min. 

Yikes! Then I loaded up on the free snacks (took advantage of the fact that all the snack girls were feeling bad for me:) and went to a group project meeting. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

oh, the news.

Provo City Council elections are coming up on Nov 8th. A local neighborhood was hosting a get-to-know-the-candidates meeting so there was my story. Unfortunately with meetings.... the video is a bit boring so just ignore that part.

The whole video is on I felt like a jerk though because I interviewed a random audience member in the meeting and I couldn't use him in my video. And it wouldn't be bad.. except for the sweet guy asked for the news station and the website... and then he doesn't even have a cameo appearance in the story. Sincere apologies, dude. Really.

    This is for you, Grandma... and for you Thelma. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alcohol sales in Provo

The council meeting I went to to get this story was fascinating. The meeting was where the city council would decide to overturn Provo's ban on Sunday alcohol sales. There was quite a lot of comment. One guy got up and was like, "You guys know me well as I've run for city council five times."

Yikes! At first, I thought, is that embarrassing or admirable that he's kept running for 5 times? That you've lost five times... but when he commented, I realized embarrassing was the correct choice. He was crazy intense and a tidge irrational. Not quite what you want on the city council. But he actually wanted to comment several times, but the city council speaker shut him down right quick- saying he was not afraid to remove the 5-time-runner guy from the meeting if necessary! It was like a drama. Loved it.

Also, a reporter and his cameraman (us BYU students have to be both! but the real deal's have a separate camera guy) from ABC 4 were there... and they asked me what I was doing for the meeting's audio! I felt so honored. I told them the plug was right over there in the corner. The week before, I was interviewing someone at city council, and this lady from The Salt Lake Tribune was right there behind me waiting to interview him after me. That's right. I led her to the scoop. I'm flattering myself... :)

The little video story is from the eleven news website.

Also, I've been so wishing I was back across the pond.... or at least in Carolina so I could see all my peeps.
Venice. And Deanna looking so fly.

I also want to see this lovely lady and thank her for her sweet gift in the mail. Sure miss you Thelma

Monday, October 3, 2011

last week...

Click right here to see the video and online text from the story last week that I did for ElevenNews. As you can see... I didn't talk at all but I did do all the video and the text (kind of lame I know! But the news director has the final say and he is the big cahuna.) So my piece was simply citizen's reaction to the resignation of a councilman from Provo Municipal Council. He had been charged criminally and ethically was going to face a vote from the city council on his dismissal. Turns out, he just resigned last moment, which came as a big surprise.

A little FYI though... the last guy interviewed was the uncle of Steve Turley's (the resigned councilman) wife. I couldn't put that in the video, but it was kind of interesting to hear that he thought the planned vote to dismiss Turley was fair, but he did feel for the effects all the dismissal/resignation drama was having on the family.

Late Poster

Lookin so classy with that beard, Dad. 

These photos of dad are A+. Excellent work... I know where I get my good looks from :) 
I must admit, I have been going crazy at school. I'm struggling to stay afloat in my classes but I am having a blast (minus the stress from aforesaid struggling). Last Wednesday on the news, I didn't complete my video before deadline which was a blow to my ego- and the video wasn't even all that great. I have a quiz in 3 hours that I haven't quite prepared for, and I still need to plan an activity for Saturday for church. 
Doing rough over here, but doing it with a smile. God, does that count for something? 
Love to all, xoxo