Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Backs and Babies

Get this... Brent went in for back surgery on Saturday. He had a herniated disc that's been causing a lot of issues for the last couple months (issues like, he couldn't bend down to take off his own socks! it was rough for everyone). Friday, he went in for an MRI (because the steroid shot they gave him 2 weeks ago didn't really help him out). The doctor was like, yep, herniated disc. I can do the surgery tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby Names

First of all, I still can't believe we are having a girl. For whatever reason, I had like convinced myself we were having a boy, so now my mind is still blown.

But now, to think about names! Brent is a little picky... well... lets be honest so am I. I was reading on this website that a good rule to go by for picking a name is the Blind Date Test. Think about someone setting you up on a blind date with a person named ______. Would you be interested or turned off by just the name alone?

Brent and I both really like the name Eleanor, not only because its in the family, but because we think it's quite classy. We were thinking we'd call her Ella for short. Although... I hate to say it, but Eleanor- and especially Ella- are becoming more popular lately. Once I realized Ella was so trendy, I was thinking we could call her Nora for short... but I don't know how into it I am.

I recently discovered the website, Baby Name Voyager, and if you type in the name you're thinking of, you can see the popularity of the name from 1880 until now. It's fascinating.

So my top baby girl names are:

1. Eleanor
2. Lois -- (I quite like this one, but just thought of it today- and Brent said he liked it!- so it needs some time to stew)
3. Penny -- I can see some teasing happening here, though.
4. June -- One of our close friends listed this one as his top name... so I couldn't steal it. But how cute and classy!
5. Wendy

Top photo from here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a Girl!

We found out the gender on Monday, and it's a baby girl! My mind is blown because I was totally expecting a boy. 

To be 100% honest- I was a hair disappointed at first (though Brent was a champ about it). But I keep thinking of all the wonderful girl things- baby headbands, ballet classes, and chats about boys- and I couldn't be more pumped about it. 

P.S. She's the right size and looks super healthy from what they could tell in the ultrasound. I was just so pleased at that.

Though, she was being a bit shy- she had her arms above her face the whole time so we weren't able to see that little profile. Next time.

Photo from the wonderful blog, lovetaza.com