Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Townhome

I'm pumped to show some photos of our townhome's progress (it's the second garage from the left). It's being built now (the driveway was just put in the other day, eep!) and we'll move in mid to late July.

We are spoiled with a great view of the mountains outside our bedroom window (on the second floor). I'm excited that the field isn't scheduled to be developed or built on for a while... that view gets me every time.
Our master bath is Brent's favorite part. It's luxuriously big with 2 sinks, a stand up shower, and this jetted tub. I mean, dude. My favorite part? Walk in closet. A win for everyone.

We visit the townhome at least once a week. Obsessed? yes. More photos to come? of course.