Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My internship isn't too bad. I take photos, edit em, and put them on Facebook. At least that's a part of it. But it is quite enjoyable. I update the Facebook pages for BYU Synthesis (the jazz group) and  Living Legends (a dance group that does Latin American, Native American, and Polynesian dances-- sounds like a yawn, but its actually way exciting)... so I mean, if you want, you can take a look at them and "like" the pages... but I mean only if you want :)
Photos of BYU Synthesis rehearsal I took
I'm so so excited to graduate in December. I mean homework is really dragging me down... I have to go to class... and then spend all night stressing about my papers while I watch a TV show! (seriously, why am I so lazy?)

Also, I love my Journalism major... but I felt such relief a month or two ago when I realized that I don't HAVE to get a job as a reporter if I want to, I'm not forced. I can branch out a bit... there's no harm in that.

Hope everyone's doing well. Love to all.

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