Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to the News

For school this semester, I'm working on four news stories. The first two stories are required to be "feature" stories, meaning not on crime on politics or "hard" news per say, but more fun subjects. My first story is basically following a pumpkin from the patch to the store, the farming process and all. Um... I guess that does sound a little boring... ha... I'm embarrassed.

But anyway, I felt like a fool because when I went to shoot the video on the pumpkin farm, I seriously had to walk 1/2 a mile into the pumpkin field with my camera and tripod! I looked like a real novice. But thankfully, the video turned out :)

And, I was lucky that my little nephew Ethan and his family paint pumpkins each year. That way I could interview him and get some shots of him and cute little Emma painting their stuff. I mean, how cute is his quote at the end?

I'm lookin around for ideas for my next story... any ideas?

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