Saturday, June 8, 2013


Our house is looking way more legit these days. With actual walls and things instead of those wood panels everywhere. It'll be finished at the end of this month (eep!) but we won't actually be living in it until July 20th or so. We'll close on July 16th... but we can't actually move in and call it ours until the money goes out of our back account and into the builder's little pocket. Oh, technicalities.

As you can see, the fence is comin right up in the backyard (I'm excited to plant a little rose bush back there) and the tile is laid down in the kitchen and entryway, and also in our bathrooms upstairs.

^ Our kitchen! with a pantry and a little powder room on the side and everything. That drain there is for the dishwasher in the island.

Also very cool, we bought this washer and dryer over memorial day weekend. There's something funny about being excited for a washer/dryer purpose... why am I that excited? I hate doing laundry... but hopefully these little babies will change that right up. And with the sale price, the washer was $250 cheaper than the listed price and the dryer, $100 cheaper. 

And it's super handy because RC Willey won't deliver the washer/dryer until July 20th when we're in the townhome. So we don't have to worry about storing it anywhere. Win win.
WTW4930XW-WMNOHOSE Whirlpool Washer

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