Saturday, April 26, 2014

Almost 36 Weeks


I'll be 36 weeks this Wednesday. Obviously, babies are all I can think about it. If you look at my browsing history on my internet browser.. you'll see words like, "Lasinoh Nipple Cream," "burp cloths," and "convertible baby bag." ... yea.

-I'm pregnant.

-my feet are so swollen. This is a recent development. Even flip flops leave marks on my feet. Flip Flops. ...the loosest shoes possible. Brent is tired of hearing about it.
-I make an unidentifiable noise every time I pick something up off the floor.
-I thought I would have more cons... and suddenly I can't think of anything else besides swollen feet and... perhaps my life is better than I thought.


  1. you are a beautiful 35 almost 36 weeks!
    even though i am just the grandma, i find myself looking at all the baby stuff!
    I try to control myself not to buy too much. I found the cutest little dress with birds on it.
    so of course i just had to buy it.
    cant wait to see you. love mom

  2. Oh WOW! 35 weeks... 36 weeks divided by 4 weeks equals 9 months!!! Little Eleanor better not arrive before your Mom & Dad. Very unerving - I shall have to have a nice red delicious apple with a slice of swiss cheese to calm my nerves! And I think about my Auntie Eleanor, years ago, in Soham, Cambridgeshire... she had a chicken farm and let me help her feel under the hens for the eggs. And her cat had 6 kittens. (But the out-house was terrible)... From your Granny, Eleanor Phoebe.