Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nursery & Baby Worries

I'm all scheduled to be induced on Monday the 19th. Comin right on up. Am I scared out of my mind? Of course. So pumped to see what her little mug looks like? Naturally.

My parents have been here for about a week, and they have spoiled me senseless. I am so lucky. Slash, Ella is so lucky. My parents were masterminds and installed this fan in the nursery (all it had was a ceiling light before, and it gets so hot in there with the west facing windows... and I've heard good things about circulating air in the nursery... so we- with huge thanks to my parents- made it happen)
Above is the changing station in the closet. I have a little nook in the nursery where we were originally going to put the changing table, but it was a hellish experience trying to find a dresser that fit the dimensions of the nook. So, I revamped, and decided to put the changing table in the closet, and either a bookshelf or our rocking chair in the nook. Hopefully it works ok. 

The things I'm scared about most:
1. breastfeeding.
I've heard a lot of stories about how difficult it is- baby doesn't latch on right, it hurts a ton, baby doesn't get enough food so they don't gain weight, etc. But, then my mom's like, it was a piece of cake. So, I'm not sure how its gonna go for me.

2. Losing the baby weight.
I know, I'm beyond vain. But for real. I'm almost 190 lbs. I mean, yowza. I need to exercise and eat clean after Ella, but that stuff is hard to do even when you don't have a newborn.

3. Losing my personality
Yes. I still want to be Hannah AND Ella's mom. I still want to be able to talk with other people about things besides babies. I want to be an involved and awesome mom of course, but I still want to be me. I can already see myself sliding down a slippery slope on my all-baby blog posts!

Sidenote- this adorable photo from Natalie Holbrook's Blog makes me want to raise kids in New York City.


  1. Oh! Lovely pictures - wish I could be with you too! I was so hopeless when I came home with your Dad when he was a newborn...he had soiled his diaper- It was panic stations for me! Your Grandpa took over and showed me how to do it! Pinky was a marvelous Dad and I know that Brent will be too. Your Mom was marvelous too -she is a natural Mom.

  2. I have learned a lot about breastfeeding working in the NICU and it scares me too. But the most successful moms are the most patient/dedicated ones. It can be hard and some babies just don't breastfeed well. But when mom is calm, baby is calm, and nature usually takes over. Make sure if all goes well with delivery that you are able to do skin to skin IMMEDIATELY after birth. At our hospital we don't take the baby to the warmer or anything. If baby and mom are fine, we put baby right in momma's gown and baby stays there until the first breastfeeding is established (I know, it's gunky, but it's sooo good for you both). 9/10 times baby latches on no problem, and bam, you're breastfeeding. They transition so much better when they're with their mamas. Sorry, didn't mean to go out on a rant. It's going to be wonderful! Happy thoughts from here on out sister!!!!

    PS) Use your lactation consultants!! They are awesome!!

    1. Love those tips! I'll definitely ask for the skin to skin thing ASAP

  3. You are amazing Hannah!! I love you girl!