Monday, August 11, 2014

Mothers Around the World & Pasta

These interviews about Motherhood Around the World are so fascinating- and even more so now that I have Eleanor. Each interview goes into detail about the differences in parenting, pregnancy, and birth in other countries. In China, babies don't wear diapers. Instead, they have a hole in their pants and just use the bathroom on the streets!
image from this blog about international living
On an unrelated note, I made this Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta a couple times this past week, and shoot it was delicious. I have been on a sun-dried tomato kick really. I found this sun-dried tomato pesto at Wal-Mart a bit ago (it's the same stuff I use for the pasta- it's in this little side cart by the produce section that has nuts and dried fruits you can put on salads), and I put it on just plain pasta or cous-cous and it is delightful.
 And don't mind me:


  1. oh thanks for sharing! i love this!

  2. Looks as tho young Ella has found a new play toy...HER FINGERS! They are so fascinating - and she can make them move too! (Don't need batteries!)
    And about the Chinese babies- that is hard to believe... Yung, (Justins girl friend) is just back from Beijing and I will have to ask her.