Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Provo Fashion Week

While I adore Eleanor, I'm pumped to share something non-baby related...

Last Saturday, I went to Provo's fashion show. It seemed so legit. Everyone was judging what everyone else was wearing, giving them the up-down look, and of course the raised runway, and the cool music.
 The clothes must take so much work and time to design. I mean, coming up with the design, picking out the fabric, cutting and sewing and embroidering, all on your own. So much talent! I was dying over that beige long gown above with the flowers on it, and those colorful blooms on her hair piece! it looked so good.
I was sitting beside this older lady and her husband (who styles hair for a living! he does the hair of one of the show's designers apparently), she was so interesting- and chatty. She said she used to run mall fashion shows in California many years ago and her husband used to do celebrity's hair- Kevin Costner and his wife included. She was quite opinionated. At first, she didn't know who the designer of the clothes were, so she yelled out to the model, "Who are you wearing?!" Of course the model paid no mind. But I thought, Lady! calm it down. And then I pointed to the designers name in the program...
Anyhow, the show was fabulous, and I fully intend to go to the one in Spring 2015. 

My two favorite designers, and their websites, that were in the show:
and the rest are listed here

PS I had a root canal on Monday- it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... thank goodness. I'm set to get a crown on the 28th AND get my wisdom teeth out Nov 14. Dental work extravaganza. I wanted to get the wisdom teeth taken care of this year because it'll be tax deductible (with the baby and all, we've spent more than 10% of our income on medical bills... so we get a tax break on anything more than that, explains our resident tax expert, Brent)

PPS Losing weight sucks. 


  1. Lovely dresses, cost a pretty penny, no doubt. Not too practical when you are a Mama! (And did they need ironing?) Your Dad is off to the dentist this morning, wisdom tooth coming out. Glad to read you get a medical tax break (you should do since you sleep with that good looking tax expert!) LFYG.

  2. How fun that you went to this!! And I literally LOL'd that the lady called out "who are you wearing?!" hahahaha. So great. (I'm still laughing). Good luck with all the dentistry. Between you and me, I'm a baby when it comes to the dentist. A big, fat, crying (literal tears) baby.