Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ella: 8 Months

Girlfriend is 8 months old tomorrow, on Jan 19th.

She doesn't have any teeth yet! which is a little unusual from what I read. But, she does:
-sit up real well, only sometimes falling over
-pick up cheerios to eat with her thumb and sweet little finger
-army crawls
-goes from laying down to sitting up on her own
-claps her little hands
-pulls herself up to stand every now and again
-takes two naps a day, and for the last week or so, they've been a bit longer, sometimes 2 hours. Which always feels like an unprecedented luxury. But, unfortunately, she still wakes up once or twice a night.

She is moving a ton. Its a tricky business to change her diaper, she'll roll over in a hot second. I try to convince her to stay still with a toy, but its about 50-50.

She seems to rather like her "Pat the Bunny" book Brent's mom got her for Christmas. It has a fuzzy little bunny for her to touch, buttons for her to rattle, you know, blah blah. For toys, car keys and my watch are a no-fail.

We shared a moment the other day. I was feeding her peaches and telling her how delicious they were, and she was just laaaughing, and then I was laughing at her, and then she was laughing at me- you know, real bonding time. It felt like we were real friends for a minute.

The last few days she seems to get a bit slap happy when she's tired. She'll kind of cry, and then laugh real hard at something, and then cry again. Quite cute stuff.
The other day, I finally weighed 145 lbs., which is what I weighed pre-Eleanor. It was an excellent moment. But of course, I ate some pizza the other day at a friends house and now I weigh 149... but it'll go back down I'm sure... right? right?!

Also, I recently realized Ballet West holds adult ballet classes closer to my house so maybe I'll wander over there some time.


  1. Pretty little Ella... Looking more "toddlerish" now... Where has our new baby gone! Wish I could see her TODAY! But her Granny Belinda and her Grandpa Andy will be off to see her in a few weeks. Then Great Granny Phoebe & Andy will be off to see Great Aunt Thellie in England. We should rent a jet and have Andy fly us ALL to England!

  2. Precious times with Ella!! Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what is she learning now.
    I know it might not seem like it, but cute little girls grow up to be beautiful young women. Just like you. enjoy every precious moment!!! love your mum.