Saturday, August 29, 2015

Working. Family. Photos.

As you may know, I started working part time at SimTek Fence- where I worked as a receptionist before I had Eleanor- a couple weeks ago. I'm a shipping coordinator- scheduling and doing shipping paperwork for all the fence that goes in and out.

There are many things I really love about it, and a few things I don't like.
1. Being able to see immediate fulfillment after I've worked to do something. As opposed to raising a baby- which takes years.

I say this, though now I think about it, Ella and I were watching Bachelor in Paradise the other day (I know, I know.) and Ashley I. was crying about something on the show, and Ella looked at her on the screen... observing... and then looked at me and pretend cried, her hands covering her eyes like on TV. It was both funny, and frightening.

2. Having my mom babysit Ella. Ella just adores Granny D, I never worry a bit about leaving my baby behind when I leave. That is so nice.

3. Working with adults- and feeling like a working professional again. Its empowering and confidence building.

Not liking:
1. Since I'm new at work, there's a learning curve- and I've been staying late to get up to speed. I don't like it. It makes me feel so guilty when I get home and see baby Ella.

In other news, we took Mouritsen family photos today. It was hard getting Ella to sit still and smile- I mean, it is a tough request- so we'll see how they turn out. But I was able to get 1 or 2 of Ella happy with family- though not sitting still.

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  1. Loved to read your new "blog"! Nice looking Pa-in-law! So glad you like your new job and I know that Granny Belinda likes hers new job!! (Looking after little Ella.) AND how perfect that their new home is only a stones throw from your house- can walk there. No need for you to feel guilty---although it does everybody good to feel guilty every once in a while! Love from Granny Phoebe.