Friday, March 25, 2016

No Easter Plans- Photo Jumble

 I was going through some photos yesterday. This is Brent in college. Yowza lookin good.
 My mom and I circa by ballet days.
Halloween, 2014
Back when Ella was just a little newborn.

Anyway, I'm a bit bummed to say I have nothing planned for Easter. Any suggestions?

I haven't gotten Ella an Easter basket or anything. I've gone to the store at least twice with that in mind, and then I look at all commercial Easter crap- and realize that this fake grass I'm gonna put in the basket will end up in the trash the next day anyway- and will Ella even care? And then I don't buy anything.

Well, we'll see.

We had a fun egg hunt at my parents-in-laws the other weekend, and my mom took her to one in the park today thrown by the neighborhood ladies. Soooo, maybe thats enough.

What I would really like is an Easter feast that someone else cooks for us. Quiche sounds so good- and a really good salad with sunflower seeds and sharp cheese and tangy dressing- and maybe some of that cheesy-cauliflower soup from Zupas that is so good. You know- you can buy Zupas soup by the gallon. I think I might do that. Delicious. Easy. Expensive. Awesome.


  1. I love little ballerina Hannah! If you're taking requests, I want more pictures and stories about those days :)

  2. Little Ballerina Hannah is the cutest thing ever. I totally see Ella when I look at that picture. Also, my in laws got Mack a bunch of crap candy (like those big huge chocolate bunnies...gag!) and Easter grass and we threw it all away the next day. I know they mean well, but what a waste of money. For Mack's Easter basket I went to the dollar store and bought him a few cheap toys. He was totally happy.

  3. I agree! I want to see more pictures!!!