Monday, June 27, 2016


I get anxious about stupid stuff, and its annoying me. For instance:

  • Ella's room has simply her bed in it, and a rocking chair for the rare instance I rock her to sleep. nothing else. nothing on the walls, no dresser (I still use the one in her nursery- which will be given to the next kid). I'm getting anxious about it. I feel this weird necessity to put her room together. But then I look online for ideas and things are so pricey and I think to myself, are colorful pom pom banners and decorative plants really necessary? No, they ain't. 
  • Finding a nursing bra. I've been looking at amazon for ages and I. just. can't. decide.
  • I searched online for 2-3 weeks for summer sandals for Ella so her feet wouldn't get hot. It made me stressed. so many options. whats worth what price? will she wear it? is it comfortable? should i get sandals that cover the toes? I mean good hell, she is 2.
I look at this teeny list. Stupid stuff. Why do I get anxious about it? Good question. Also, all of them are about shopping... that is not something to stress over. Perhaps I need to reevaluate my priorities.

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  1. Good hell. I say that like 100 times a day, hahah. My new favorite phrase. I could've written this post. So many things that you "could" buy for your child, their room, their ensembles...but when it comes down to it, it's so dang expensive and really, who gives a hoot? I have a few things I bought for Mack's room that have YET to get hung because, again, who gives a hoot. I know for sure he will probably never care about the metallic letter M I bought to hang over his crib that is actually laying beneath it. Sigh. So why spend the money? Or energy? Or time?