Monday, July 25, 2016

The Pool

We went to the pool with my old college room mates and it was so good. It takes a bit of work to go the pool with a kid (putting on the swim diaper, the sunblock, packing the snacks, the drinks, the floaties that take up a lot of space but may or may not be used, the towels, the sun glasses, blah blah) but it is always so worth it. And spending time with these ladies below makes me realize that I dont have any girl friends any more and its a real bummer. Somehow, now that I have a family, I don't make as good friends for myself anymore- like my guard is up because oh, my family is my best friend right now, but that doesn't quite cut it all the time.
I got Ella a doctor kit, and it came with glasses...? I was getting her pajamas ready for her one time after a bath and she ran in in the nude and with these glasses. ha, its pretty cute hearing her say "doctor kit" and it helps her stay still during a diaper change if I tell her she's having surgery (brent came up with that one, kudos).

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