Thursday, April 20, 2017

6 Month Look, A Nap Miracle, Dress obsessions

Here are my girls at 6 months. Ella on the left and Lucy (from when we were in England!!) on the right. They are beautiful girls. I think Lucy is about 2 lbs heavier -almost 16 lbs and Ella was around 14) though she doesn't look too much bigger I don't think...

Being a mom is my identity, and sometimes that is fulfilling enough and sometimes it feels embarrassing and makes me feel incompetent and talentless. My identity used to be ballet in high school, and I'm sad that season has ended. Whatever.

The other day I decided to skip Eleanor's nap. While I was exercising (surprisingly. Lately Brent and I've been doing Insanity Max 30. Its hard. Brent is legit at it). Anyway, while I was exercising, she laid her head on the counter and WENT TO SLEEP. what? It was around 4pm. Naps are always a process, so this was so surprising and sweet. Needless to say, she went to bed at 10:30pm.
I would like to discuss potty training for a minute. Not the actual training, because there is too much to discuss there (though I do highly highly highly recommend this book which i used after my first 2 failed attempts at potty training and it helped a lot). But, now, she refuses to wear pants. ONLY DRESSES. Though I must say, she does wear her underwear and sometimes little bloomers over her underwear- so its not like its a real problem and we have a naked banshee on our hands. but anyway, I mean, ONLY DRESSES. she was wearing pajama pants at night, but now she prefers her "pajama dress." does the underwear feel weird with pants? does she like the breeze? the twirl? does she feel more like a princess? jut a stubborn toddler girl thing? I don't know. but its a thing.

PS granny phoebe I hope you're feeling better soon. love you

And, I think I have a shopping addiction. I look at Roolee Boutique's Website almost daily... it doesn't help that their models make EVERYTHING look so cute all the time. I just bought 2 dresses.

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  1. This dear child, Ella, is taking after me, her great granny! Here I sit at my computer and fall asleep... I could have a nasty accident and fall right off my chair! (Like the British workman who had a nasty accident when he fell off of his shovel).
    Lovely seeing you all in England and YES buy those new dresses. You look lovely and Brent, handsome as ever. Love you all, Granny Phoebe.