Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer and Pre-School

Eleanor likes playing with the hose, but does NOT like her dress getting wet. Therefore, a lot of nakedness happens outside. and well, inside as well, but I don't have too much a reason for that.

I had to set the rule that she doesn't have to wear clothes in our backyard, but she must wear underwear.

This summer has been nice. We went and got snow cones yesterday- it just felt so... summertime. and it makes me feel like im giving my kids a good childhood when I see Ella eating her red (always red) snow cone at the picnic table with the sun going behind the clouds. And, its not the end of summer yet- itll be hot for a while yet- but I am excited for next summer when Lucy will be almost 2- Im hoping I'll go the pool more as Lucy won't be as much of a baby. ? Maybe.

Today was the first day of Ella's preschool- well really it was a practice day as me and the other moms stayed the whole time. it's Called Wasatch Nature School. It's run out of a neighbors home. 8 kids. Miss Brit has a bunny, tarantula, and lizard. Ella loves this. It went really well and I was so pleased. Ella's little meltdown at her first dance class made me a little nervous. But she did so well. Its exciting to see her grow into her own person. The class requires fanny packs instead of backpacks (ha!) so that when the class goes on their daily walks they can collect rocks and other stuff toddlers like to pick up. But Ella insisted on carrying hers like a purse- the lady. i said fine as long as you hold it and not me. and she did.
This was her response to, "Give me your ready-for-school face." She looks ready.

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  1. So proud of Ella! A real school girl... we are all proud of her--- AND what a pretty dress! I wish Hannah would buy me one like that. When you go to school, you get to make new friends too. How many girls and how many boys in your school, Ella. I used to run a Playschool at our Church. We had one VERY naughty boy. He tore everything up and BIT the other children!