Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween 2017

For some reason, Lucy had just pushed Ella, hence the sad face...

We had two Minnie Mouses this Halloween. Eleanor had been wearing her Minnie dress almost nonstop for the last few months so it hardly felt like she was dressed up! Ella was telling a few people that her little sister was going to be a little Minnie Mouse. So.. I made it happen.

We went to our church Halloween party the saturday before. It was pretty good. All the kids "trick or treated" to all the rooms. You'll be proud to hear I decorated a door for the cause- not a normal thing for me, but I think my kids are helping me get into the spooky spirit. I spent at least $50 on the decor- for better or worse.

Unfortunately though, I had, like, a 2-day bug or something because I felt SICK. It was lucky that I even went to the party. I had thrown up in the check out line at Target just a few hours before. An awkward situation for all involved. The cashier girl was like, whoa.

Thankfully it went in Lucy's snack bag and not all over the floor. But, sorry Lucy, about your snacks...

Then on Halloween day Ella caught it. She threw up too! Poor thing. She handled it really well. She's never thrown up before- and it is scary! She didn't trick or treat. she said, "I don't want to. the candy will hurt my sore throat." it was so cute and pitiful. She did enjoy handing out candy though. So did Lucy- who tried to escape as fast as possible with every trick or treater out the door. (PS Lucy caught the bug that night too. Puking babies are NO JOKE. they cannot aim and it is a bummer)

We did a few other fall activities as well. There are an astonishing number of pumpkin patches around here. For some reason, I felt a lot of inner pressure to do a lot of Halloween activities. Why? Probably because all those damn Instagram photos of moms and their kids carving pumpkins! Ah well.

Ella was posing for pictures in front of this jack'o'lantern!! I love her and her diva ways. Also, Lucy was dutifully trying to climb up and copy her. It is so sweet how she tries to copy everything Ella does but it also makes a lot more work for me- forcing kids to share is like the bane of my existence. Pretty soon I'm just gonna have to tell them to fight it out because I can't do. it. anymore. kind of joking?
Lucy's toothy grin!

PS Ella has worn pants to school two times now and IT IS A MIRACLE. at her preschool they play outside every day and it is getting too cold for her to wear her beloved dresses! she cries when she puts them on before school but her teachers say she isn't bothered at all during class. As soon as I pick her up she's like, Can I eat Capn Crunch when we get home? And can I take off my pants?!?!?

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  1. Look at my lovely great grand-daughters...aren't they just beautiful... they have British good looks! (Wonder where that came from!). AND they are smart too. 20 years from now some young men are going to be very happy. That is Granny Phoebe's unbiased opinion.