Tuesday, March 13, 2018

To Granny Phoebe

All growing up, we would have family dinners at my grandparents house. Granny Phoebe was an excellent cook. She made the best homemade biscuits, spaghetti sauce that always had a secret ingredient that didn't stay secret for long (she would say, now this sauce has a special ingredient. can any of you guess what it is? ( it was grated apple!), peanut butter fudge- this was AMAZING. unfortunately she stopped making it quickly after I found out I had diabetes... she knew I would eat a lot of it... a real tragedy! also- Granny always had a garden. When I was a kid she always grew green beans and would bottle them up. I LOVED her green beans. She would usually cook them with a piece of bacon or ham. They were amazing. Though- it was a pity when I first tasted canned green beans from the store- because frankly they tasted almost as good. I guess I really like green beans... 

Granny was always the one I could go to for the scoop on family members. She know a decent amount of dirt on people and was not afraid to share- to my pleasure! Also, she was so chatty in the best way. Her dinner prayers were so endearing because she would go on forever praying for this person and that person. When I was a kid I remember watching her put in her contacts and sort out her pills. It was nostalgic when she came to Utah I saw Ella watching her sort out her pills, rather interested.

It is so weird when someone you are close to passes away. Is it weird to post this stuff on a public blog about my grandma? too private? Maybe. She was and is a lovely lady.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear of her passing. I loved reading her comments on your blog and listening to your memories and stories. I'm sure she will be missed by your family. Love you!