Thursday, April 28, 2011

just touched down in london town (on wednesday...)

BYU London Centre- This picture (and all below!) found via Google because
 I don't have a camera just yet. But I got pics of exactly what I have seen... so
you're seein what I'm seein! 
What gets me is that this picture of the BYU London Centre is not even joking. It really looks like this- like just plucked out of some sweet romantic comedy set in Britain. Think Holiday with Jude Law or Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The London Centre is the bomb. Built in the 1890's, BYU purchased the 2 flats around 1976 ish or so and fixed em up for us students. Really... it has crazy chandeliers, old British books, and it smells like my Grandma's house
 (she's from England... a coincidence? don't think so).
Round Pond in Hyde Park. A short walk from Kensington Gardens and the Kensington Palace and
these great lawn chairs set out on the green lawn perfect for a little snooze
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens were just pitch perfect... helped along by the fabulous high 60s weather and warm sun with just the right amount of breeze. man, how does London do it so good?? I just don't know...
A cafe that is literally a 3 min walk from the London Centre... on Kensington St.
They have pictures of Prin. Di everywhere, and they are dedicated to the royalty-
I saw them installing a flat screen TV on the wall tonight- surely to broadcast Will and Kate's wedding tomorrow.
Cute? check. Delicious? check. 5 pound crepes on Mondays? check. including ones with nutella?? you got it, baby.  A few of us went here for a mid afternoon snack. a good decision? check, check, check.

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  1. Looks like such a dream!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!