Friday, April 29, 2011

Surprise Treat

 Last night, a few of us abroaders took the Underground to the London Eye... the big ferris wheel in London... just to see it lighted up at night and to have a bit of fun. When I walked up the subway steps to the street, my heart went all aflutter because this is what I looked up to when I reached the top stair.

I just got all swoony inside when I saw it. Big Benny just lookin so good and so old up there. And to follow up, the Underground is awesome. Recently purchased a month long card for the tube and it has Kate and William on it! The sweet couple. Saw them today when they kissed on the Buckingham Palace balcony and almost wet myself because I was so excited when the planes flew over head to celebrate their wedding. If you haven't seen Kate's wedding dress already... I'll post if for you. It was just perfect.
from CBC News
You can see more gorg pics on this website.
The wedding was so fabulous. Just so fabulous. Also, here's a little pic of sweet girl Bri and I at the Notting Hill Underground station.


  1. Wikipedia reports a controversy: Big Ben is actually the bell of the tower, not the clock!

  2. YOU GOT TO SEE THE KISS??????????? What an amazing moment! You are so lucky! I'm so happy you could be there for that. Dreams do come true, haah :)

  3. I am trying again to post a comment to you, Hannah... John has helped me this time! I got up at 5 am to see the wedding. I even hung a Union Jack out from on my lamp post! And that lovely hymn, Jerusalem. We sung that frequently at school. I thought of you - it brought earts to my eyes. Love from your English Granny.

  4. Ah Ha! I dont see my last message to you on the list - so I will try once again...Spoke to your aunt Thellie in Norwich and told her you were in London. Do have a go on the EYE and also a boat trip on the Thames. Love you - your English Granny.