Thursday, September 22, 2011

The News

Yikes, there I am... that blazer looks rough... :)
Go here to look at the news show yesterday that aired at noon on Provo channel 11.
Go here to watch the video...
My part comes in at like minute 2:30, and boy was it crazy exciting! I'm live at first to introduce my story about iProvo (a program started by Provo to provide fiber optic internet to all residents and businesses, but now costs the city $3.2 million annually in debt- and residents are paying it through a utility bill hike) Then after I introduce the news story, you see it come on and its nuts because all the video, editing, and voice was done by yours truly! Oh man, I need to improve a lot... but it sure was fast paced and exhilarating!

I found out at the beginning of the day that I was doing that live intro and ending to my story and I caught my breath, this was my first day on the news and they had me going on live! Dang I didn't know whether to be way happy or to puke!

I clip on the microphone to practice, and I had my button down blue shirt on only that you can see in the photo... and the News Director was like, "You look unprofessional." I was like, whaaaa? Its a button down. haha. I borrowed the anchor's blazer, and that took care of it. 


  1. YIKES! My grandaughter is famous! I have watched it 3 times...Hmm, It keeps getting better. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you.
    You did very well. You spoke clearly and you looked nice. I liked your blouse.
    Your Mom and Dad are in England. I will tell them and they can possibly retrieve it. Love from your Granny in North Carolina.

  2. Whoa! What is this on Facebook...Brent Mouritsen?
    Nobody told me. Hmmm, pretty good looking guy - better watch out! Nosy Granny Phoebe.