Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I started my classes on Monday, and boy was it a whirlwind! My professors seem preeetty top notch though! Here are a few examples:

1. Communications Management, Comms 360 (about how to manage a news corporation taught by redhead Prof Walton, who used to head the Public Relations team at Harley Davidson, yes that's right, and was also in PR for Dow Chemical Co. which is a Fortune 500 company she mentioned... classy.)

Anyhow, she is very business and down to earth but in a super endearing way. She asked those in our class to raise their hands if they had a class from her before... and about 9 kids raised em up. Then, she said sweetly, "Now, I'm going to leave the room for 5 min so these students can tell you the honest truth about me as a teacher. I want you to get the real scoop about me before you waste a semester with someone you don't like."

How cool is that?!

2. Comparative Politics, PL SC 150 
On the syllabus, Prof Jacoby put the grading scale, which of course is on all syllabi. I'm looking through it and read:
     Daily quizzes 20%
     Attending Constitutional Convention (and do paper) 10%
     Three short papers 30%
     Final exam 30%
     Class participation 5%
     Responses to lectures given outside class 5% 
     Having done well in high school  0%

Pay close attention to that last little one! haha, it is true, we think we have a sense of entitlement if we did alright in high school! We're playin' with the big boys now.

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  1. Whoa! How impressive is that. I thought you'd say "English, Math., etc." It is difficult for me to understand the titles of these subjects!
    (That may be because I left school at 14 and went to work - poor granny!)
    But why have I been happy for so many years? Because of that lovely man I married - your Grandpa. BEST LESSON IN LIFE TO BE LEARNED.