Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As Luck Would Have It

To graduate this December, as planned, I need to get an internship this fall. I've been quite nervous about it, to be honest. The internship takes up quite a bit of time... a minimum of 280 hours over the semester, which equates to about 20 hours per week-- so basically a part time job. A lot of the internships are in Salt Lake (with the major news stations like ABC, Fox, and KSL) which is about an hour drive away.

Anyway, I've been quite lucky. I was pretty persistent with a particular internship here in Provo that fit basically all of my wants and needs. It is here in Provo, and I would work with BYU's Performing Arts Management- interviewing the artists of the school's dance and music groups and making short news stories about them to up their publicity. I mean, its perfect! 

While interviewing for that internship, I got a call quite out of the blue from KSL, one of the big media companies in Salt Lake (I interviewed with them in like, early April, and then didn't hear back from them until three days ago) and was offered an internship with them. Whoa, I felt good. 

I heard back from BYU though, and I knew that was gonna work out for me, so I took it. And then, icing on the cake, the internship will be paid. Wow, God's got my back. 

I hope to make awesome behind-the-scenes videos like this... (Parts 2 & 3 of the video can be found on YouTube)

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  1. yea! awesome Hannah! Im Proud of my little sister!