Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Since my brother John just moved here to Provo, and is engaged to Mercedes!, our family had a little summer picnic to celebrate. We had it in Granny Alice's backyard, which is so beautiful, with her big yard and big plants- I was in love with all fruit and vegetables she had goin on. She had a pear tree in the backyard (Granny literally shoved pears in my arms to take home... naturally, I didn't resist) a grape vine on her fence (tiny grapes with a bit of a punch to 'em) and corn stalks in the backetty-back.
The weather ended up being way nice as the day went on. We played badminton and a few card games after eating (p.s. Joel grilled some way good hot dogs- and thankfully he humored my requests by toasting me a bun! seriously delicious). Brent was, naturally, a stud. He played endlessly with 5-year-old little Miranda. Aunt Tenna led some rousing political discussions and it was definitely a good get-together before school starts next Monday. 

Heaven knows I need to see my family more often.

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