Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

The view on backroad to Grantsville. Stunner.
Thanksgiving was fabulous. We headed to Grantsville to spend the night at my in laws, Kathy and Dick's, house.  We were actually eating the meal with my side of the family in Bountiful, but Brent's brothers are real big on playing a football game the morning of Thanksgiving (naturally) so we went there first. I always get a kick at Dick and Kathy's house because they have high school photos of all the kids on a wall downstairs... seriously, a wall full of 8x10 photos of big strapping boys, and then their sweet sister McKell. And here is Brent. I think if his hair was this long now, Dick would cry. He's all about being clean shaven and well trimmed... 
So on Thursday, we headed to Aunt Tenna and Uncle Audie's house in Bountiful. It was a full house! And I was a real chump and didn't bring a thing... no side dish no nothing. Poor choice on my part. Tenna is such a champion, cooking for so many people. You know... kudos to all those who cook a turkey. I saw a few raw ones hanging around this break... gross. Scary. 

And yet... somehow delicious... 
It was an awesome group. I'll go through em for you.So here at the foreground of the photo in the blue shirt, we've got: (from left to right)
Lyla, Tenna's mom
Scott (whom I've never met!), Tenna's nephew
the empty chair was for Haven, Tenna's oldest daughter
CJ, Haven's close friend/boyfriend? not sure exactly there... he's always there for the holidays, but 
      I'm too scared to ask those types of personal questions...
Lauren, in the red shirt, Tenna's daughter
Lyle, Lauren's boyfriend. He was so cute and nice.
Miranda, Tenna and Audies' lil girl, she seriously needs to be put on a treadmill! She's wild.
Audie, my uncle
Tenna, auntie
Sherrie, Grandma Alice, and me (you can't see them... just a bit of my red hair there)
Brent in the classy plaid
Mercedes (dude, she was good with the in laws.)

After lunch, Tenna called for family portraits. Uh, I was not prepared for photographs! I was wearing a scraggly long sleeve t-shirt. But, hey, you win some you lose some. 

Here we are outside the house where CJ took the photos. And, doesn't their yard have a great view!?

 This is our shot... scraggly tee and all :)
All my love to family in North Carolina. So excited to be there for the Christmas holiday!

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  1. Hey girl! I can't believe we weren't Facebook friends before! So glad you're doing well -- I love finding a new blog to follow :)

    How's the program treating you?