Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Mouritsen Fam Pics

^^ All the ladies. 
A couple weekends ago the Mouritsens had family photos. It was an ordeal! It was pretty muggy and the park's sprinklers were going full force- (we were dodging them left and right)- and on a Saturday morning no less! Who planned that sprinkler schedule, I ask? I mean, lets have them going in the middle of the night. But anyhow... the photos turned out quite wonderful, hope you don't mind me sharing.

^^ The whole crew. I know... the photo is huge... but you can see everyone better this way... especially little Emma on the bottom right. What cheek. Making faces like that. :)
^^ I know. that arm tan line is rough. Thank you, Girl's Camp.


  1. Been looking at all the lovely pictures (need more) of your posh new home! An enchanted life... handsome couple and lovely home...I feel so happy for you and wish I could pop in and see you. Love you both. AND Happy birthday to you, Hannah.

  2. OHHHHHH THESE PICTURES ARE TO DIE FOR! Love them! So beautiful!