Friday, August 23, 2013

Going for It

Bangs. I made a hair appointment for this Saturday (at a semi-fancy salon. eep!) and I'm thinking bangs...using these stunning ladies below as my inspiration.

I haven't posted in ages.. embarrassing. But let's just say I'm thoroughly enjoying the town home. AC. Washer and Dryer. Kitchen to die for. New paint smell mixed with the peach and lavender glade plug in. Television where I can record shows I like and watch the food channel. You guys-- Brent and I are such spoiled brats now.

Also, on an unrelated note, I've been reliving memories from my little study abroad to London back in 2011. What a wonderful time. This post made me laugh, I'm such a ding dong! The differences I saw between the Brits and Americans in this postI'm dying to go to Scotland again because of the fab views. and A reminder of why my relatives are beyond cool.

P.S. Granny, if you're reading this, you are such a sweet lady for your birthday gift! And if you chat with Thel, tell her I'm thinking of her. I've been meaning to send a card over, but haven't put my bum into gear yet.


  1. Wanna know something funny? I was just thinking to myself-Nan hasn't blogged in a while. I'ma go look at her blog anyways. Lo and behold, you had updated! What a coinkadink. Love it! And bangs will looking rockin on you! I have thoroughly enjoyed them myself. And if you don't like them..well..they grow fast :) Loves!
    See ya soon! eee!

  2. Oh! Oh! Please blog a picture of you with bangs. Mind you, as pretty as you are (my unbiased opinion) it will difficult to mess up how you look! I (and team Lawter) will probably enjoy seeing more of your new home. And Yes! I spoke to Thel, as I always do, for an hour on Saturday. She is almost blind (so sad) and cannot read. Her good neighbour Ken,(did you meet him?) who helped her, died last month. Another neighbour is helping her now and Sainsbury sends out her groceries.
    Your Dad, just back from Tampa. Pat, Tom (must be 6 feet tall now) and (perhaps) your Dad and Mom here for Cap'n D's this evening. Love from your Granny Phoebe.