Thursday, November 14, 2013

New York, Part Deux

Saturday in New York was crisp and pretty relaxed. We walked through Central park (the colors were beautiful!) and had a fancy little breakfast at The Lexington Brass by our hotel. I had eggs benedict (though not the one listed on menu with caviar! I was too scared). PS I've tried to poach eggs before... whoa. I'll leave it to the pros, its tricky business. I was curious if the chefs in the back used some sort of cheater tool that they have out there, or if they dropped it into boiling water old-school like. Seriously, talent is needed for that to work. Anyway.

^ I think the Guggenheim museum is so fantastic. Brent seemed a little unimpressed. ha. Mind, we didn't go inside (tickets were over $20)...but the structure is like art itself. Good enough for me.

Our game plan was to stop in to Boomer Esiason's Stadium Grille in Times Square around 3:30pm to watch the BYU football game. We had researched before hand the sports bars in the area where we could eat and watch the game, and this place sounded fab because it was labeled as a "sports bar for foodies." Obviously I was hoping for a little food entertainment while Brent was content with the sports portion... however. Whoever labeled that place was off their rocker because the menu and food quality was about like Ruby Tuesdays. At least we were watching the game.
I was glad to have my first ballet show to skip away to that night. I was so pumped. At the Koch Theatre in Lincoln Center, American Ballet Theatre performed Gong, A Month in the Country, and Piano Concerto #1. It was wonderful.

In Piano Concerto #1, a girl I had danced with in my summers in New York was a main soloist alongside Gillian Murphy, one of ABT's main dancers. I was so excited to see them together. It was like seeing your old friend from high school playing basketball with the Lakers. Loved it.
Saturday night was when it went down. I had a large late night snack of dried fruit and took my insulin for diabetes as normal. From there.... it went to poop. As Brent retold the story later, he woke up around 5am or so to me shaking. He tried to get me to wake up but couldn't! My eyes were open he said, but I didn't respond and wouldn't eat anything. Brent tested my blood sugar for me, and the monitor read LO which means that my blood sugar was below 20 (the meter can't read anything below that). He said he called the hotel's front desk and said we needed an ambulance. Eep! Can you imagine being in Brent's situation? Heavens, what a champ.

Brent kindly dressed me (though, he did forget to add a bra.... so when I was in the hospital it was a little TMI for everyone around. but you know. A small detail... :) Apparently, a doorman came up to the room and waited with Brent for the ambulance to come (the hotel was very nice throughout the whole thing. The same doorman even asked how I was the next day).

But the worst part for me was waking up in the ambulance and being so confused. Not everything came to me right away, so slowly things were piecing together. I felt like I was abducted by aliens for a while. Bright lights, not knowing where I was or how I got there, weird beeps and a buzzing in my ears. Seriously, it was so creepy.

We stayed in the hospital for several hours. Once I came to, they wanted to make sure my blood sugars were stable and that I was doing alright. So they took blood and urine samples and then we had to wait for the results. Everything turned out fine in the end. But what an ordeal.

We still haven't gotten the bills yet from the hospital... so we'll see about that. any guesses? $500? $5,000? Could it be that much? I don't even know.

I just think to myself how I would act in Brent's situation. How can a person prepare for that sort of thing?


  1. Ah! Brent - that good looking lad (except needs to shave!) so competent also. Good work with the low sugar episode! Other than that you had a great mini-holiday. And let us know what the hospital bill was - Obama care may help with that? Your Mom & Dad were here earlier this evening. I love to see them, they are so good to me. Hope the air lines treated you well. Love from your Granny in Charlotte

  2. You look gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your episode..hope you're feeling better now. That had to be NYC of all places. Your trip sounds so dreamy. I love it!!

  3. 2nd comment - That must be "Eggs Benedict" (Oh! la la!) and what is all that green stuff behind those eggs? Is that something to look at or is that something else posh to eat? (Tres bon!)
    Aurovoir, from your English Grandmere.

  4. Oh my gosh Hannah! That is so scary! I'm so glad you're ok! And good lands I'm so glad Brent can handle things like that!
    Also, I'm so glad you got to go to NYC! I loveee the pictures!