Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One More Thing...

On our last day in the city we rented citi-bikes right by Brooklyn Bridge and cruised right across it. Such views! Needless to say, Brent cruised right along, and I huffed and puffed (while trying to snap photos- tourist alert) about 150ft. behind. But boy, the crisp wind felt so good! It was pretty cold at first, but once I worked it up the hill, it felt fabulous. Here are some more photos if you'd like to see...


  1. Ah! Had a bike path across the bridge. Some-one had good thinking. And Brent - still short sleeves and shorts...did you, Hannah, have to doctor him for catching a cold when you got home? What do you like best? New York or Utah? (Or Carolina, or England?) - But not the pick-pocket capital of the world - Rome!) LFYG Phoebe.

  2. Did you take all these photos Han? They're beautiful!

  3. I did, Kelsey! Naturally edited on my little phone though of course ;)