Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Backs and Babies

Get this... Brent went in for back surgery on Saturday. He had a herniated disc that's been causing a lot of issues for the last couple months (issues like, he couldn't bend down to take off his own socks! it was rough for everyone). Friday, he went in for an MRI (because the steroid shot they gave him 2 weeks ago didn't really help him out). The doctor was like, yep, herniated disc. I can do the surgery tomorrow. 

Doesn't that speed blow your mind? Usually its a week or two to get MRI results back... then a little while longer to get you scheduled for surgery... but this was like wham, bam, done.

The surgery is technically called an L5 S1 Disectomy. While it seems like Brent rushed into surgery... and maybe he did... what else should we have done? Basically, we could spend a lot of money and time (and therefore more back pain for Brent) on therapy and nonsurgical options that may or may not have worked, or just go straight in for the surgery and see what happens. 

Anyhow, now Brent is in recovery mode. So far, things are looking good. Fingers seriously crossed. 

P.S. let me address some baby items of business:

1. I'm so hungry 24/7. If I don't eat breakfast... I am practically debilitated at work. Solution? Slimfast chocolate protein shakes- because you know I'm too lazy to get up any earlier to cook breakfast. Also- food phases. Currently, I'm seriously into canned pears. The previous phase was peanut butter and honey sandwiches- and in fact, that phase is still lingering as well.

2. I can't get enough of baby essentials lists - like the lists of things you can find online for what you'll need for a newborn. It's like a frantic search. I constantly look at this list, and this one, and the several given by babycenter.com.

3. Sometimes it just hits me. I am having a baby. And I think, oh I'm living someone else's life or I'm daydreaming. But, no.
And it blows my mind every time. And I freak. Then I get excited. Then I freak again.


  1. Good grief! How can we ever feel sorry for Brent when he looks like he's attending a party (all dressed up!) Please tell Brent to look a little more delicate so that we can sympathise with him! But I send my best wishes and love to him (even though he does not really need them!)
    Cheerio - and see you, and Hannah (carrying little baby girl) in England during March...

  2. OH- when I was expecting your Dad, I had a fearsome doctor (Hated his guts!) I was so hungry and strictly dieted all the time...Tis true, I put on very little weight, but was so nervous when he was born & he was fretful. With Alex, I did not diet...ballooned up to 180 lbs but was not nervous - and he was not fretful. (Never could lose all that weight, there is a happy medium- somewhere!!

  3. I am TICKED I didn't know you had a blog, and looky here! I have thought on more than one occasion "if that girl Hannah had a blog I would be her number one stalker" and now I can be! Huzzah!! Have I mentioned also that I think it's really exciting you're preggers. You are gonna be a BOMB mom.

    1. Girrrl. I know, I pulled the wool over your eyes on that one. But PLEASE give me all your and Resse's tips on how to be cool... being a mom scares the daylights out of me!