Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a Girl!

We found out the gender on Monday, and it's a baby girl! My mind is blown because I was totally expecting a boy. 

To be 100% honest- I was a hair disappointed at first (though Brent was a champ about it). But I keep thinking of all the wonderful girl things- baby headbands, ballet classes, and chats about boys- and I couldn't be more pumped about it. 

P.S. She's the right size and looks super healthy from what they could tell in the ultrasound. I was just so pleased at that.

Though, she was being a bit shy- she had her arms above her face the whole time so we weren't able to see that little profile. Next time.

Photo from the wonderful blog, lovetaza.com


  1. Oh! Lovely - she will be just as beautiful as you were - and are. We were all thrilled when you arrived and it will be just as great a day when little - er er er whatsername arrives!! And what will be her name? Big decision coming up. Love from your Granny.

  2. your dad and I are tickled pink. Now you get to think of all the cute girl names.
    love mom and dad

  3. Your Dad's cousin Tom's wife, Sue, likes Leah, which makes me think Rachel. (Both Biblical). Your Dad just came by, he has recovered from his bad cold. (Brought my mail in!)