Thursday, February 13, 2014

24-25 Weeks

Here's a shot from last Sunday, at about 24 and a half weeks. I look creepy huge. Especially from the front like that. Mind blown.
Perhaps the below side shot makes it look a little smaller... well, not really.
And this dress is tiiiight. I was trying to wear a skirt and a shirt before I put on the above polda-dot dress (non-maternity type, so the skirt was above the bump and the shirt was kind of a loose boxy cut), and Brent goes, "No babe, you need to wear something that actually shows your pregnant. It'll look better." And, he was right.

It was like, oh yes, I'm pregnant. Not fat. In case you were looking and couldn't quiiite figure it out.

My next ultrasound is Feb. 17th. We'll see how little girl is sizing up, with diabetes and all, she could be getting too big. Although, so far, at every appointment she's been just the right size. So we'll see. I've gained a little too much weight according to a pregnancy weight gain chart (a whopping 17 lbs. so far)-- and that makes me a little nervous. Maybe she's too big! But we'll just have to see.

PS- happy valentines day! What are guys doing?!


  1. Oh stop, you don't look creepy huge at all, you look super-adorably-pregnant! And that dress really does flatter your bump! Cute cute cute!

  2. Well! I hope that Kia Picanta will be large enough to sit an extremely expectant momma! But you have put on 17 lbs - very reasonable. You look fantastic! Your Dad, Mom & I will arrive at your Auntie Thellies on March 12 and that will be a GREAT day when you and Brent arrive. Really looking forward to it (although I must be crazy, at 87, to think about it!!) Love from Granny Phoebe. (You Grandpa Pinky will be looking down at us all)

  3. CUTEST BUMP EVER! P.s. I think I saw your hubby at smith's last week! I wasn't 100% though, so I didn't want to accost him and then it not be him. If it's him this is super exciting because it means you're in Provo, and I didn't know that. I feel a double date or game night comin on. Let's be friends. Haha.