Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mapping Out Our Trip

Our invasion of Britain is fast approaching. One month from tomorrow we will be on our way. As you can imagine, we are very excited. Luckily, Brent is comfortable driving over there (or at least he says he is) because it gives us quite a bit of freedom during our stay. We are landing at the Gatwick Airport on Thursday, March 6th. The car we are renting is a 3-door Kia Picanto. It is only 3595 mm long.
This is the Kia Picanto. Supposedly it gets over 50 MPG, which is great because gas (or petrol) is $8.38/gallon
We will be landing around noon in England. Coincidentally, the London temple is only 10 minutes from the airport so our first stop will be there. Unfortunately the temple will be closed for cleaning, but I have seen pictures of the grounds and they are beautiful. After that we will drive to our first hotel in Slough, where we will spend two nights.
This is the route from the airport to the hotel, with a stop at the London Temple.

This is a picture of the London Temple courtesy of this website. See what I mean about those grounds??
We will be off to London (where else?) our first full day in England. I am especially excited to see the House of Parliament and eat some of the best fish and chips in England. I am not 100% sure what else we will do. We have looked into some Rick Steves audio tours and some other things, but there is a lot of options and unfortunately this will be our only day to see London.

The next day we will make our way to our second hotel, which is in Northampton. We thought we would make a day of driving through the english countryside including stops in Glastonbury, Bath, and Kidderminster. Brent lived in Kidderminster as a missionary and is excited to take me to his favorite place to eat, Indian Style Tandoori Takeaway.

Our route from Slough to Northampton. Obviously not a straight shot, but the countryside is so pretty, drives like these are what I am looking forward to the most.

One of our stops will be at Glastonbury Tor. This is such a nice picture of it provided by this website.
Stay tuned for more deets.


  1. And your Dad, Mom and I will arrive in Norwich on March 12th at your Auntie Thellies. This "blogg" is very interesting. May I suggest you take one of the many London day tours? Your brother Joel did this and could tell you about it. Nice to see the Crown Jewels (better not grab a sample!) You can get a London "Tube" map on line. Cheerio for now...and love from your English Granny.

  2. I read this post a couple days ago, then subsequently had a dream that I was in London. Needless to say I woke up very disappointed. Sounds like it's going to be AMAZING (at least it was in my dream anyways...)