Friday, July 11, 2014

Eleanor's Baby Photos

I'm just dying over these sweet photos of Ella (taken when she was 11 days old! seems like ages ago). I'd love to share. They were taken by our good friend Mari Hesterman of Mariko Kay Photography (here's the link to her website). We are lucky to have a good friend who also happens to take fabulous photos for a living!

We would try and steal away the binky right before Mari took the photo... but sometimes Ella just wouldn't have it. So, there it is. But I think it turned out sweet to have her sucking on it sometimes. Funny, because she'll only rarely take a pacifier now. 
She looks so teeny in Brent's hands, above. I mean, she's still small now, but I can definitely tell she's grown compared to this photo!
We're laughing because Ella was sucking on Brent's neck at this point! A little snackish I guess :)


  1. beautiful people, beautiful them all! so sweet!

  2. EEEEEK!! I LOVE these!!!! So cute.. i'm in LOVE with the one of you guys laughing!

  3. Right! Your Dad just clicked around and I think I cam make a comment on these lovely pictures we have been admiring. Young Ella is growing up fast, she has lost her new born look. I should ask if Brents neck tasted good!! He has a nice fatherly smile! John is out in the barn making a scratching post for Donovan. Duke Power has just ruined my big oak tree. Love to you all...

  4. Just looked at your "goat kids" on your Dad's facebook! Reminds me of the Sunday School class I used to teach! Can't remember the names of those good children BUT do I ever remember the name of that naughty child (active like that hyperactive goat-kid!) Oh Yes, Jimmie M...I shall never forget your shenanigans!

  5. Seriously these are the most beautiful pictures. So sweet! Eleanor is the cutest. And we need to get together so I can hold her little baby self.