Wednesday, July 9, 2014

She Loves... She Hates...

Ohhhh babies. Eleanor likes:
-laying naked on the changing table, as seen above. She just kicks around and sometimes I'll get that rare gummy smile that I'm hoping will soon not be so rare.
-milk of course. She'll be kind of fussy and then I'll put her in the "feeding position" and she just opens her mouth, ready.
-to stretch after she eats- I think this is because she usually kind of snoozes at the end of a meal so when I move her, she stretches out of her slumber. She'll arch her back and put both teeny arms straight above her head.

Eleanor doesn't like:
-loud sneezes that interrupt her. She'll be eating or resting and Brent or I will sneeze, and her little face crinkles up in her little pout. I need to catch a photo of it because that pouty frown! It's too good. Other loud noises, and she just seems to flinch, but something about sneezes!
-tummy time. She'll handle a few minutes, and then... she's over it.
-the burping position. When I have her vertical and I'm trying to burp her, her little head just goes crazy- she cannot find a comfortable position! She doesn't usually like her head turned sideways laying against my chest (unless she's super sleepy), she'll turn her head kind of frantically this way and that, usually ending up face planted in my chest- and I'm like, can you even breathe baby girl?
It's surprising to me how fast the days go. I mean, my day is not physically demanding nor are my activities too varied. Yet, before I know it, it's noon and I'm still snuggling with Ella in my bed. Also, how I look no longer matters. Make up is a no go because I just think to myself how much time I'll save by not putting it on and not having to take it off. If Ella and I go out, we're lucky if I'm wearing something other than sweats and a button down (I never had to buy maternity shorts since I was pregnant in the winter, so I don't quite have any summer clothes that fit yet...). I pretty much always wear button downs at home, they are way easier to nurse in. (I'm liking "nurse" better than "breastfeeding" these days for some reason I can't quite determine. Also, I'm loving all the posts on Facebook about feeding your babies in public. Like this one for instance. Having now experienced breastfeeding and how stressful it is to feel like you can't comfortably feed your baby outside of your home... I'm all for those sorts of posts. Although its funny because I don't feel comfortable yet nursing in public because I know I will show a boob, but the thing is I wish I did feel comfortable showing a bit of boob while nursing because I think I have the right to. If a little something shows, other people can look away rather than me and my hungry baby trying to find an air conditioned closed off room with a chair- other than a toilet).

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