Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Spam & Nonsense

It is ridiculously silly how excited I get over normal baby bodily functions. When she burps after eating, it's like a small victory. And I am over the moon when she has a crazy diaper- then I feel validated I'm feeding her enough.
I'm obsessed over the nursing dresses, and frankly the shirts too, by Swedish designed Boob Nursing Wear (Update: I found this dress cheaper and in the U.S. at and I've bought it!). I feel like they would make nursing so much easier! They're a little pricey... so I haven't bit the bullet yet, but I want to. It has a simple little flap that you just pull up to nurse. It almost seems like I could make one... but... you know.
Also, I just finished reading "Anne of Avonlea" and it was so fabulous. I need to read more! I mean, I have the time. 

Brent is also leaving this Friday (with one of his brothers) for Austin, Texas to go to a BYU football game. He is so pumped about it- always nice to have something good to look forward to. I didn't want to face the hassle of a plane ride with Ella for just a football game- not quite my thing, so it'll be just us girls this weekend. Hopefully it won't be too boring. I'll have to find something fun for us to do. 


  1. Oh look at the little wrinkles on Ella's tummy! (I have some on my tummy too - but they do look different)--- it shows that we are both getting enough food!!! (Those p-nut butter M&M's are so goooood!!!) Love from Ellas GREAT granny---

  2. Can you keep reviewing your favorite baby products please? So helpful! I am at a loss for what to buy...there are SO. MANY. CHOICES! Also, Ella looks so tall! & beautiful of course. And those dresses look so functional and cute. I love!