Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby Favorites #2

Brent and I went rather minimal when it came to baby supplies, I think (though that is relative- because we still have a ton of baby stuff). There are so many things to buy, and it's tricky because it's not 100% your baby will like everything! So here's my "list":

1. Bottles: I didn't buy any bottles, but I got a ton of "bottles" and a few nipples as free samples from the hospital and from my OB/GYN office. I say "bottles" because I think they're technically breast milk storage bottles, but the nipple fits on them, so I use them. I like them because I can store my pumped milk (I put a piece of paint tape on the lid with the date of when it was pumped) and then easily warm it up and put the nipple on the same container and presto. I haven't noticed that the bottle shape causes excess gas or anything... but I guess that could be an issue.

2. Breast pump: I got the Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Pump, especially nice because my insurance covered it 100%. The pump seems to work well enough I would say- I mean, the suction feels the same as the hospital grade pump I used after giving birth. That said, after I use the pump, I can still hand express some milk as well. So I'm not sure what exactly that means or if other pumps do so. But the pump is super helpful to provide extra milk for babysitting & emergencies and to help increase milk supply.

3. Diaper Pail: I highly debated getting a Diaper Genie to throw away diapers smell-lessly. But I'm glad I didn't. So far, with a diet of just milk (and some formula now & again to supplement), Ella's diapers aren't that smelly. I have a regular trash can by her changing table and it works just fine. The room doesn't seem to smell at all.

4. Changing Pad: I have two of these. One in the nursery and the other downstairs. I use the one downstairs for changing, but also just to put her down and lounge. That way if she spits up, its not on the carpet (although, I guess I could just put down a blanket...). I didn't get a swing or a pack'n'play and so far its been fine without them. When we traveled to St. George when Ella was a  month old (and when we've spent the night at Brent's parents house) we've just brought this changing pad for her to sleep on too (she seemed to sleep just as regular on this as in the crib at home). We didn't buy a travel crib or anything.

5. Diapers & Rash Cream: For diapers, originally I used Huggies newborn diapers (I got some as a gift at a baby shower, and they worked great). But then I realized that Target brand diapers are quite a bit cheaper (around 14-17 cents per diaper instead 20-25 cents per diaper as Huggies were), so now I use those and I like them just as much as Huggies. A little tip, usually size 1 diapers are a bit cheaper than newborn diapers, so I tried to switch to that size as quick as I could. I also tried Seventh Generation diapers. They are nice because they're more naturally made- without the chemicals and dyes and things of the other diapers- but they are more expensive. Ella didn't get any rashes or anything from the Target brand, so I go with those. For rash cream, I use bag balm, which another mom at Wal-mart recommended. To be honest, Eleanor has never had a diaper rash. So either she has awesome genetics (true) or that bag balm is a little magic.

6. Glider Chair: We were lucky enough to inherit a glider from Brent's brother, but if we hadn't, I would have bought one. I originally thought that since there is a bed in the nursery, I would just nurse Ella there in the middle of the night, but now, having nursed a babe on a bed and in a glider, a glider wins HANDS DOWN. The only important thing is that it has padded arm rests and it rocks without squeaking (it's hard enough already to transition a sleeping baby from the rocking chair to the crib, no need for that loud extra squeaking and noise).

7. Stroller/Car seat: I got both of these items as hand-me-downs from my old boss. The car seat is fine, it's an Evenflo Infant car seat (instead of the kind that can transition into a toddler car seat). One thing that has been super nice is that the car seat snaps right into the stroller. It's nice on errands to take the car seat with me on the stroller so it doesn't get super hot sitting in the car, and currently, she's too small to sit in the stroller by herself, so it works nicely right now. I would advise to get the lightest weight car seat possible.. that thing is tricky to lug around sometimes. I wish I could afford the Bugaboo stroller, but that thing is almost $1,000! Crazy talk.

8. Travel Crib: Ella being 8 months- able to crawl and roll n stuff- I bought the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light. So far (I've used it twice) & I've really liked it, and I should, because that thing is dumb expensive. What I like about it is that it's real light and is seriously EASY to set up. Also, the little mattress isn't all crinkly and loud when baby moves around on it- which has happened with Ella with the Pack-n-Play. However, the bag is too big to take as a plane carry-on. So you know, noted.

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  1. It's amazing how many things are out there for babies. Every time I walk by the baby section, I'm thinking I wonder if she would enjoy this! then I realize the most precious thing I can give Ella is love and always an open door. Can't wait to see you guys!!
    Love Granny D

  2. Yay! So helpful! Thanks for sharing!