Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Soup, Crying Tip, & Ella

A Panera classic made over for a creamy yet lighter Chicken Broccoli Cheddar Soup! You won't miss the heavy cream and butter in this delicious recipe!
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I found this healthy version of Cheddar Broccoli soup, and it is delightful. I was pretty worried about using almond milk at first... but its delicious regardless, and it cuts down the calories quite a bit to use it instead of regular milk.  I also used reduced fat cheddar cheese- still delicious.

On to 9 month old Ella...

 This is a major momlife win- Ella is eating peas, carrots, and raspberries. Nutritious. Delicious. Happy. I want nothing more.
Brent has the patience to walk Ella around for 20 min to put her to sleep. It is just precious. I cave. After like 5 minutes, I always have to put her in the stroller or a car ride to get her to snooze. Lately, 9am, like clock work, I take her for a walk, and she sleeps for an hour. I've taken to listening to podcasts on my iphone to fill up the time. The podcast called Serial has been awesome. Its free first of all. Its the true story of a reporter digging into the murder trial of a teenage boy and trying to see if he's really guilty. Real interesting stuff.

Unrelated- I'm really interested to try this tip on how to stop crying. Frankly, it's embarrassing how much I tear up, and I'm hoping pinching my hand, as advised, will save me in the future. Will see how it goes. 


  1. Our Ella is doing GREAT! I can see your Dad now, in his high chair, picking up bits of food (as Ella is) then dropping it over the side and watching it fall to the floor--- then looking at me to get a reaction! (Naughty child!!) As to Andy falling asleep--- Read an article that said let your baby cry for 20 minutes before you pick him up! Sooo, I put him in his crib, he cried, I timed him, ( I suffered) He was asleep before 10 minutes had passed.
    Moms suffer more than babies! (Couldnt get my weight back down, was 124 then up to 160) I did lose over 20 lbs on Dr Adkins diet). Love from your Granny Phoebe...

  2. Aww love those veggies! And I love Serial! I've been listening to it anytime we're in the car :) you should check out the Power of Moms podcast too, it's really good (totally different genre but good nonetheless)

  3. The soup looks delicious!
    I remember the many stroller rides in putting you as well as your brothers to sleep.
    Can't wait to take a turn in taking Ella for a ride!!
    Love you

  4. Belinda is right!!! Dear daddies are GREAT. Pinky and Andy share first prize... and BRENT they will have to share it with YOU. (All so good looking too! Must go hand in hand...)

  5. Mama win for sure. isn't it awesome when they do what we want them to? For example-Mack is napping in his crib as I type this. It's the little things :)